Thursday, January 22, 2009

Thursday’s Culinary Adventure



Tonight, on Thursday’s Culinary Adventure:


Starring my niece, Brenna!


That’s right, we actually did this a bit early so that my niece could participate.  Plus, we knew that I would be tired the day after my long trip.  I didn’t have any idea HOW EXTREMELY tired I would actually be, but oh well.

You can use a fondue pot, or a regular saucepan for this recipe.  Since my sister had a fondue pot, we decided to get some use out of it.

Stir in 2 c. semi-sweet chocolate chips.


WAIT! Don’t do it!  Don’t put the chocolate chips in first, or else they will burn!!!!


and you will have smoke


and then charred bits of chocolate on your fondue pan.

IMG_0832Theoretically, of course.

FIRST, stir in 1, 14 oz. can of sweetened condensed milk.


then 1/2 c. milk and 1 tsp. vanilla.

THEN you can add your 2 c. of chocolate chips,


and, finally, 1 jar (7oz) marshmallow creme.



and stir.IMG_0843

and stir

until it is all melty!

Dip whatever you want to in it (we used pound cake, bananas, apples, and dried apricots)  and enjoy!

Grace and Aidan (my younger niece and nephew)


  join us for the taste testing!

Taste Testers Say:




Carrie (my sister):


Mom:IMG_0851 (she’s allergic to milk, but is so selfless, that she ate some anyway!)


Delicious all around!  I really liked the FRUIT dipped in it the best, as the pound cake was really, really sweet!  But, of course, the kiddos liked the pound cake best; so to each their own.  Nothing more to say, this is a winner!

Grade:  A+

(Thanks for your help, Brenna!!)


Brian Bews said...

yahoo! Make it for brian & Joseph. They might like it.

Maureen said...

That looks like my kind of fondue! Way to go Brenna and nice of you to share your culinary adventure Aunt Caitlin!

Mellises said...

Yum! Sounds like something I should be making right now! Also, I think I have that same shirt in maroon. We have such nice taste, huh?! :)

suzy said...

grace looks SO much like carrie! wow!