Thursday, January 29, 2009

Look what happened, Daddy.



Our poor little baby got his first bloody lip!


Doesn’t he look like a sad clown?


Well, this clown is very brave- he only cried for about 2 minutes.


He was MOSTLY sad because I made him come inside to clean up.


But we went right back out, so he was happy again.

Good thing he only has two teeth in the bottom to ram that upper lip, yes?


Even blankie took a hit.


We thought that you should know…

Now get back to work!

Love, Caitlin and Joseph

PS.  Leftovers tonight…


T Rex Mom said...

You need a disclaimer - these are graphic photos! Poor Joseph, hope he's doing better. See you for swimming tomorrow!

Maureen said...

Poor little Joseph! I guess if you have to have a FIRST fat lip, he did it up right! I bet that was scary for his Momma, too :(
Sorry Joe, but I'm afraid there are more where that came from little adventuresome BOY! Love you!