Thursday, April 24, 2014

The inner workings of Samuel



“I would like in NOW!  In! In! In!!”

“Why did you make me come in, stupid?  I clearly want OUT!  OUT! OUT!!”


“I will refuse to eat any food unless it is ‘candy’ or ‘cookies.’ 

What is this that you are giving me?  Yogurt?  A carrot stick?! WAAAAH!! ONTO THE FLOOR WHERE IT BELONGS!!”


“You wont give me that thing that I want because it is hot/sharp/deadly?  Allow me to show you my displeasure by throwing myself on the floor screaming.  Really, you brought this on yourself.”


“Did you leave the bathroom door open?  Rats.”

“Did you leave the bathroom door open? Rats.”

“Did you leave the bathroom door open?  YAHOOO!! Toothpaste buffet here I come!!”


“Throwing random things in the trash is always hilarious.  And throwing them in the toilet is DOUBLE hilarious.”


“Are you going into your bedroom to put on clothes and shutting the door?!  How dare you!  Allow me to booty…bonk…the…door…repeatedly…until…it…flings…open.”


“Once I get into your room that Vaseline on your bedside table has a date with my face.  And your mattress.   And your Kindle.”



Maureen said...

OH MY...he has STINKER written all over that face of his in those pictures...but CUTE??? SO CUTE!

grandma said...

In that first photo he seriously looked a lot like Isaac!

Mom said...

Maybe it's the "naughty" on his face that resembles Isaac, I don't know!