Tuesday, April 8, 2014

My dirty little secret


Are you ready for it?

You guys, I have ants.

What, not as juicy as you would have liked?  I’m sorry!  I would like to have something interesting and shocking to reveal to you but I am way too busy keeping 3 children alive and…well…killing ants.


Its all I can think about.

I stand in the kitchen all day staring at the counters and waiting, paper towel in hand. 

I scan walls constantly.

There are ant traps scattered throughout the kitchen, which the ants are resolutely ignoring.  And don’t worry, they are out of reach of children.  Also, they are not toxic…I know this because I called poison control center a few years ago when ISAAC ATE SOME.  Which…maybe…explains…no! I won’t go there!

Also, I am cleaning and sweeping and vacuuming like a madwoman!! (mad woman? madwoman? whatever- ANTS!)

Even when I close my eyes- here let me try it….zzzzzzzzzzzz….whoops! Fell asleep!  But, guess what I saw right before?



There is really no point to this post.  So, I apologize for that as well.   Its just that, when I sit at the computer, it is all my fingers can type!  Ants! Ants! antsantsantsantsants!  I’m losing my MIIIIND!


Send help!

And wine coolers!

And a nanny!

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