Friday, April 18, 2014

Just a chat


(pictures from our wild backyard.  Joseph had the idea to take some pictures of it in spring, summer, autumn, and winter)


Happy Good Friday to you!

Are you allowed to say that, even?

When I explained today’s religious significance to Joseph, he exclaimed, “Then it should be called BAD Friday!  Really, really BAD FRIDAY!” 

But, I told him that it was “good” because we are looking ahead to what is to come, with the resurrection on Sunday.  Is this why they call it that?  I am making up 99.89% of what I tell Joseph.  Please advise.


Did you all eat egg salad today? (and yesterday?  And tomorrow?  I have 27 hard boiled eggs in my fridge currently…)  Did you make hot cross buns?  Sadly, I skipped those this year since a) I’m on a diet and b) I have made myself sick the past two nights on Easter candy.   Those might seem like a contradiction to you…unless you are a woman.


A few random things I’d like to chat about:


1)  We are making a garden in our backyard.  Despite the fact that my gardens have heavily failed for the past six- yes, I counted- SIX years.

DSC_0009 Either from lack of watering, lack of weeding, lack of caring, lack of planting?  I’ve lacked it all!  However, I remain optimistic that THIS will be the year of my success!  Hooray!!!



2)  Joseph was writing a letter this week to a friend of his from church.  He asked me, “Mama, how do you spell BUTT?”  to which I replied, “I am NOT telling you how to spell that!”  (it is a mildly forbidden word in our house.)  He was quiet for a few seconds before saying, “Okay…how do you spell BUTTON?”



3)  It was recently pointed out to me by a family member that I have cankles.  CANKLES?!  Can I just tell you that, after 29 years of living in ankle-ignoring-bliss this has been quite the shock?


Before you feel like maybe I should be mad at her for dissing on my cankles (do people still say “dissing”?) let me say that she was actually lamenting HER cankles, and I was like “What?  I don’t think you have cankles!?!  Your ankles look kind of like mine.  Do I have cankles?”  And then I showed her.  And she kind of gave me a this-is-going-to-hurt-smile and was like, “ummm,…well…..” and there you have it!  Cankles!

But maybe it was because I haven’t shaved in weeks and weeks (whatever!  Winter warmth, you guys!  Its basically fleece leggings!) and the leg hair was masking/misshaping my actually slender ankles? 

I have shaved since, and will report back to you when I get a second opinion.



Happy Easter Weekend to you!  Eat some candy for me- but not one of those Peeps or else we can’t be friends! xoxoxo

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suzy said...

1.good Friday! cause Jesus paid our price of admission! he took the heat! that is good news!

2. LOVE the pics! what a beautiful backyard and im sure the garden will have a happy ending this year. 6th time the charm I once heard.

3. cankles, schmankles. I think only chubby grandmas have those. rock a maxi dress and hide white hairy legs, my plan for the summer! :)