Wednesday, April 23, 2014



Today Joseph is having his first playdate with a friend from school.  We are meeting him and his mother at a local play area, and I am bringing all 3 boys for obvious reasons (no nanny.)


When I was talking to Joseph about it, he turned to Isaac in the car and said, “Dude, when you are around J, you need to be calm.  And cool.  Because he is a really calm and cool guy.”


At which point Isaac began thrashing around like a crazy person and yelling “BAAAAAAAH!!”  all for no apparent reason.


Joseph just stared at him with furrowed brows and shook his head slowly like, “I’m doomed…”


Sorry, Joseph, that your brother is crazy and will probably embarrass you 1 TRILLION times before you leave for college.  But, siblings are truly the best gift I could have given you.


You’re welcome.


(PS- wish me luck too on my mom-date!  Do you think she will like me?  What kind of jokes should I use?  How much is too much sarcasm? Change out of my stretchy pants before-hand or no?)

(No!  That was just a test of your true friendship!)

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