Monday, April 7, 2014

Scenes from my morning



Isaac and Samuel doing who knows what in the kitchen while I clean out the garage:


These two are becoming friends.  Well…if your friends dangle you upside down over the side of the couch (“But he LIKES it, Mama!!”)


“Does my face look grumpy, Mama?  Take a picture of my grumpy face.”


“…and this cape too.”






10:47  On our way to get Joseph.  This half-day Kindergarten thing is no biggie- its like he’s hardly gone!  I feel a lump in my throat even THINKING about 1st grade



10:48 – Isaac showing me some litter he found, Samuel sneezing.




The sweetest offerings- a cheerful bunch of sunny “flowers”  from Isaac.DSC_0119


And these little beauties that sprout up every spring next to the house.  They are cheerful stars in the morning, and then close up in the evening.  Kind of like me.



The sun is warm today, the baby is taking a great nap (knock on wood!), and the boys played with the neighbor kids long enough for me to weed the entire front yard!

It’s a Happy Monday!


Maureen said...

Awww, Happy Monday to you, too Caitlin and even happier for me reading your post! It was just Joseph in that Batman suit and now he's in glad you recognize how fast they grow up and therefore you DO take the time to make all the great memories you're making with and for your babies! Such a good momma and a beautiful spring flower...just like the ones at your house :) Love you!

grandma said...

I loved the photos of Isaac and Samuel. So sweet to see them bonding and spending happy times together.