Thursday, April 17, 2014

Egg Dying 2014



I almost didn’t dye Easter eggs with them this year. 

Do their faces really scream “do a project with us that involves breakable things and permanently-staining dyes!”?  Not so much.


I’m sure I would have eventually, because I am a guilt magnet, but whew!  Yesterday was a rough day! 

Starting with our mini van being robbed (except they didn’t actually take anything because there was NOTHING OF VALUE in my van.  Haha!  What's mine is YOURS suckas!  Don’t you enjoy Raffi cds??) and then just involving lots of punishing and consistency, and potty words, and just blech.  Blech to it all!


When 5:30 rolled around I found Brian and told him that he needed to come out immediately so that I could have a minute to re-group.  (One of the many pluses to having your husband work from home- I KNOW WHERE HE IS AT ALL TIMES AND I WILL FIND HIM IF HE IS LATE!)DSC_0045

I laid (lay?) on my bed, gave myself a pep talk (You can do it, girl!), and lowered my expectations for how the egg dying would go.  Would there be broken eggs, Caitlin?  Yes.  Would they spill stuff?  Probably.  Would they end up getting bored after 2 seconds? Maybe. 


I imagined all the scenarios, and decided to do it anyway.  Because, once I imagine them, they don’t seem so bad when they come true!  And also because- gosh darnit- its Easter!


And guess what??  It was the best egg-dying experience in at least 6 years!!!  So fun!  Excited boys!  No spilling!  Only enough broken eggs to make a nice batch of egg salad today!

(not telling which of the two boys broke them…)



Sometimes, if you don’t do the hard and the messy, then you miss out on the fun and the special



Overall, Egg Dying 2014 was delightful, and completely salvaged my day!





Maureen said...

Oh Man...I am so glad it went well! Sometimes, I think God just gives us tests and when we "pass" them by being selfless we are rewarded tenfold! But, it is SO HARD sometimes to keep on keeping on.
I actually thought of you and dying easter eggs and wondered if I'd be helping this year...but I was at work and forgot to follow up on that thought! LOVE YOU SUPER MOMMA and the eggs are Beautiful, as are your happy children!
P.S. Glad Samuel was sleeping ;)

Beth said...

I so so recall those same thoughts... and rarely got past 'glad that is done'.... YET-- this is a year when I am not doing them and it seems boring, non-festive and odd. I am glad you have pictures and memories of a fun activity! And yeah that Samuel was napping! :)

Caitlin said...

Yay for egg dyeing! Best memories!
Very different from the last egg dyeing experience you wrote about lol :) happy Easter x