Monday, April 7, 2014

…and my evening



After the cries at the park of “I’m SO SWEATY!  Can you die of being too HOT?!” (it was 70 degrees), the “DON’T THROW THAT BALL AT YOUR BROTHERS FACE OVER AND OVER!!” and the baby chewing on a feminine hygiene product he found in my purse.

But before the oops-looks-like-its-yogurt-for-dinner- tonight,
“Get your jammies on.  Get your jammies on.  Get your jammies on.  GET YOUR JAMMIES ON RIGHT NOW!!!”, and the “Mama, you forgot to give me a shower tonight, and maybe last night too?  And I’m feeling really sticky in my bed!”

There is a lull.  A calm.  A chance for me to take a deep breath for the last dive of child-rearing before bedtime. 


5:23 pm

Exhibit A:  Sink time


Thank you, Brian, for discovering this weekend that he is old enough to do this!  It buys me some time to make dinner without him crying on my leg.  Or, in this case, it buys me time to take pictures and then serve everyone yogurt.



(He’s not supposed to get the soap)





Exhibit B:  Justice League fact-gathering.  He studies this book for HOURS a day.  (Please notice the blankies tucked under his arm.  I love six years old)


Exhibit C:


For many many reasons our darling middle child was in need of (and received) an early bedtime.  A good nights sleep and a fresh start tomorrow.  It is really what we all need, isn’t it?


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