Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Post-playdate UPDATE!


unnamed (4)

Our first official school playdate was a success!

Joseph said that Isaac wasn’t embarrassing at all, it wore everyone out, and my children were only moderately disobedient and inappropriately aggressive so…win!

As for me, this little mama is going to be SORE tomorrow!  I have never been through boot camp per se, but climbing through some of these inflatable obstacles has got to be close to it, right?  Right. (my blog, my exaggerations)


Also, there was only one embarrassing moment when the other mom first arrived and I tried to get out of an inflatable-jumpy thing so that I could wave to her, and I totally maybe fell completely over a little?

But maybe she didn’t see me?

Or she thought I was jumping on my face?



grandma said...

So Isaac didn't embarrass him but why didn't YOU? It's a Mother's job, you know. Glad you had a fun play date.

Maureen said...

Who couldn't want to be your friend...just based on the way you twirl when you make big bubbles!!!