Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The County Fair


On Saturday I took the boys on a Mommy-date to the county fair!


We spent millions of dollars on all-you-can-ride-wrist bands!



We ate lots of food!



We rode lots of rides that made me mildly nauseous!


It was all in all a great time!


Isaac was tall enough to go on all the rides this year (with me) (eek) and they were even brave enough to go on this BIG ROLLER COASTER.


Well, brave enough until the first drop when Joseph started yelling “I WANT OFF!!” But, afterwards he wanted to go again (no) so we are considering it a win!


It is really one of my favorite things to do with the boys, and a great chance for me to just let loose and have fun and to not be a bossy pants all the time!



The only downside is the heat.

When I was looking back at last year’s post it looks like I complained about the heat melting my eyeballs, but you guys!  This year too!  EYEBALLS MELTING FROM THE HEAT!  So sweaty.  So, so sweaty. 



(Isaac was yelling at me “Send that picture to Dada!”)


And I trrrrrrry I to like the heat!  Other people seem unbothered and I try it too!  See how cozy the heat is Caitlin?  Isn’t it relaxing to your muscles?  Don’t you enjoy the Vitamin D goodness seeping in?


But, really and truly and honestly, my impulse is to run around yelling “I’m BAKING!  I’m seriously BAKING FROM THIS HEAT THAT IS MELTING MY EYEBALLS!  It’s COOKING US!  We are all going to dieee!”

Ahem.  Summer might not be my best season.


But I do love my boys!  And I do love the fair.  (Once a year.)





The fair last year with Joseph and Isaac  (this year we combined the trips to just one date since we moved farther away)

And when we put the “Joy and Joisey” (New Jersey state fair 2011)and I made a fool of myself in the fun house! It’s a keeper!



PPS The view on my drive home.  Oh OREGON in summer!  So pretty from the air conditioned car!



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Maureen said...

GREAT pictures and really quite amazing, considering your eyeballs were MELTING!
You are so funny and I'm so glad those little boys have their FUN Momma to go on dates with.
I would be happy to join you if you need assistance next year...IF I'm around!