Monday, July 28, 2014

Domestic Monday



First thing this morning, I made bread with Samuel on my hip in the sling.


while Joseph refused to get out of bed until I let him play computer today. (I won that one) (turns out I don’t CARE if he stays in bed)


I am trying to get back in the habit of bread-making now that we are settled in our home.  I will keep you posted (unless I fail- in which case I will keep it to myself)


Second thing this morning, I spilled a container of gluten flour all over my brand new pantry!   (Gluten flour is like flour but stickier and more unpleasant to clean up)


Later-- brace yourselves!--I made HOMEMADE POP TARTS.


It’s true.

Its also in black and white, b/c when I brushed it with egg like the recipe said, it came out of the oven all discolored and not really blog-worthy.  But, it was delicious.

Also today I made crispy burritos, and homemade instant oatmeal, plus I folded and put away FOUR loads of laundry (okay, I actually paid Joseph to put away one of them)


How did you accomplish all this domesticity?  You may ask.

By ignoring my children! 

But, after the weekend spent all together all the time, we can all use a little bit of ignoring on Monday.


Don’t they look happy and like such great friends?

That’s because you can’t hear all of the whining and tattling that was going on ALL THE LIVE LONG DAY.


Also, it looks peaceful and happy because I didn’t get a picture of the big boys playing “horsy” which looks a lot like “Sit on your brother and try to drown him”

Happy Monday!

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Maureen said...

You are AMAZING!!!
And the boys DO look exceedingly happy and they ARE...still, I'm glad I don't hear all the whining and tattling. LOVE YOU!