Wednesday, July 23, 2014

It’s raining outside and oh! I’m dreaming of fall!!

(post title unrelated to actual post.)


Next time your kids are playing playdoh, if you want to BLOW THEIR LITTLE MINDS, stick a birthday candle in a playdoh “cake” and light ‘er up.


Sing “happy birthday,” blow it out, you know the drill! 


Continue until you fear that your smoke alarms will go off.


Warning:  If you have a child close to the age of 2, he/she might have a hard time when it is time to sing to someone else.



But see?  all better.



PS:  A no-reason video, just for my memory’s sake.  Play doh with the kiddos on a Wednesday

(this was after I was done lighting the actual candles, in case you think I let Isaac be in charge of open flame) (silly)


PPS:  Joseph’s “camp fire” creation


Apparently Boba Fett, Deadpool, and Frodo camp out together on the weekends.

Six year old boys might be my favorite age of boys so far (shhh!)

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