Thursday, July 31, 2014

Ramblings after a good day (a sequel)


Thank you, friends, for your kind and encouraging words, emails, and messages. 

Also for all of the play dates that are filling up my calendar. 

Maybe they are pity play dates?  But that’s fine because play dates get me to

1) clean my house


2) buy treats

(PS to the person coming to my house to play on Saturday, I am sorry that I ate all the cookies that I bought today for your play date.  Yes BOUGHT today aaaaand ATE today.  But they were exactly like girl scout Samoas people!  The odds were stacked against me!)

Let me just say though, that I am fine.  Seriously.  I’m fine!  I only had popcorn fall out of my crying mouth just that once!  And really it shouldn’t have been IN my mouth to begin with (I am now saving ALL calories for fake Samoas)  So you don’t have to worry about me, or come over to keep me company unless you want to.  And unless you bring your own cookies. (I’m not to be trusted)

Noooot really sure how to wrap this post up…so, in conclusion.

- thank you

- I’m fine

- Just one of those days

- It has passed now (past now?)

- cookies!!!!!!!!!


Maureen said...
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Maureen said...

YAY for your resilience...and for fake samoas :)

Beth said...

I am ready to come visit and I will bring the treats! Should I bring some for the boys too? :) Just tell me when you have a free day and no need to clean!