Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Ramblings after a rough day.


Today was noooooot my best day.  And that’s fine- we all have them!

It was not my worst day either I don’t think? (like maybe being in labor?  Or food poisoning?  Maybe those things were worse?)  But it was definitely not great.

Moving is hard.  Hard-hardy-hard-hard.  Even when it is a GOOD move to a place you are supposed to move to, I am still feeling a bit out of place.  Angsty.  Lonely.  Unfamiliar.  Also my children are driving me batty and I need to make a change for tomorrow or else run away from my family screaming.

I was visiting with some moms at the park (friend dating) (WORSE THAN LABOR) and they were talking about the “methods” of parenting they follow and I was all, “Whoops!  Got to go!” and went to go eat ice cream with my kids instead.  Because I wasn’t sure how to tell them that the “method” that I subscribe to right now is the “try the best you can” method.  Seriously.  That’s all I can do! 

And this evening I was feeling particularly sorry for myself while shoving popcorn in my face and I started to cry a little (told you it was a rough day), and then the popcorn fell out of my mouth all over the place and that made me laugh.  And then Samuel ran in (naked) grabbed the popcorn bowl and ran out and I had to chase him muttering “please please please don’t pee on my popcorn!” and that made me laugh too.

Then I put on my big-girl-panties and I scratched kids backs and sang bedtime songs and made pun-jokes with Joseph, and snuggled, and vacuumed, and generally ended the day on a good note.

I am trying the best I can.

and we are going to be okay.



Maureen said...

Awww, my heart aches a little sweetie.
I KNOW time and God will put just the right friends in your path!

Robyn said...

Oh man, mom dating. I quit that a long long time ago. There is nothing worse!!!
You are doing a great job! Mom's who have plans and methods probably miss out on scratch/snuggle time because they have all these icky rules.
We are close now, let's hang. I promise, I do not judge and would never ask such silly questions. As long as everyone survives we are doing our job!!

Robyn said...

PS, you moved into the city with the best parks around. :)

Patti said...

Dear sweet friend,

I too subscribe to the doing the best I can method. If you are tired of friend dating and want to see an old friend, Avery and I would love to meet up! I'm sure she would get a kick out of watching your sweet boys and I would love to see you, we are more than happy to come visit new parks in Sherwood. :)


Unknown said...
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Britney said...

I miss you.

I feel like we are the same person sometimes.