Wednesday, November 27, 2013

A Thanksgiving Poem for the Moms



May you finish your plate before it gets cold,

May your children not ask Grandma why she looks old.


May you get a long shower, or at least a cute hat!

May the children not break something right off the bat.


May this not be the week your husband gets the flu,

may your in-laws compliment all that you do.


May the grace be brief before the kids start to fight,

and may 7:30 pm see them all out like a light.


May your waistbands be stretchy,

may the best leftovers stay,

you deserve it, Momma!

Have a great Thanksgiving day!



1 comment:

grandma said...

INSPIRED! I will never forget when Carrie put her hands on either side of Grandma's face and sweetly said, "Why do you have so many wrinkles?" Moms want to hide at that moment. Love the poem, Caitlin.