Monday, November 18, 2013

Turkeys are delicious, but not that Exciting



Sooo, people seem to get really fired up over the whole decorating-for-Christmas-before-Thanksgiving thing, am I right?  Rarely have my friends united against something so strongly as they have united against the holiday-aisles and their neighbors’ strings of lights!!

“What about Thanksgiving??!!” they shriek!


Here’s why I don’t care if people decorate early for Christmas:


1) Christmas decorations make a regular trip to Target with your children a magical journey that fills your fun-quota for the week! 

Their eyes are huge with wonder, you spend way too much money (as usual- Target is a sneaky little minx), and BINGO! Your fun-Mama job is done!  You know what that means?  Movie time!!


2)  Have you tried explaining the concept of Thanksgiving Day to a 3 and 5-year old?  It goes a little something like this.

Me: “On Thanksgiving, we get together with our family, eat lots of food, and think about what we are thankful for!”


Joseph:  “And…then its how long until Christmas?”

Isaac:  “CHRISTMAS!!”

It’s a hard sell.



3) If you put lights up in November, then I am hopeful that you will get sick of them and take them down before February.  Which is when I find them annoying.




Now we move on to the point of this post!  Which I was a little nervous to post with all of the premature holiday rage floating around here!  Haha!  We’re all friends, right??

My kids got their picture taken with Santa last week!  Eeek!  Two full weeks before Thanksgiving!


Because there was no line, people!

Are you ready for this year’s gem of a picture?  That may just get you in the Holiday spirit??!



Apparently, we wish you a mildly Merry Christmas and a fairly Happy New Year….

…whenever you are ready to celebrate it.


AKA Ms Farlow said...

We took Avery to see Santa today because Evan had the day off and there was NO LINE!! Santa was super jolly because cranky kids didn't have to wait in line to see him. We did get some scoffs from other moms at the mall who wouldn't let their kids see Santa... We are just on top of it!

Beth said...

I am a "we will be thankful first person" and usually have to wait to get out Christmas....but this year--- tree is going up this weeekend and since the rain is not "forecasted"--- I believe the lights will atleast be put on the house! So, I will be so very thankful for the dry day and our Kirkland Forest tree! p.s. less kids mean Santa has far fewer sicky germs! I call your picture: WISDOM!