Monday, November 4, 2013

Halloween Recap



Here it is!  Our official Halloween 2013 picture:






And, the unofficial ones:




A brief recap:

- We got FREE scary-face pancakes at IHOP, which thrilled the boys and me alike! BONUS: Took home leftovers and they doubled as Samuel’s dinner! I smell a tradition coming on!

image (6)

- I served my annual Happy Halloweiner Wraps for dinner, which none of my kids love per se, but I serve them anyway- just so I can say the name.


- The boys were pretty much trick-or-treating independently this year (they had some of their older cousins to guide/accompany them) so all we had to do was stand at the curb and shout an occasional thank you.

DSC_0044(those are my parents- in case you are wondering why they look so thrilled to have trick-or-treaters)


And once I guess I did have to backtrack to find Isaac’s treat bucket that he mysteriously left on the yard of some house.


- Samuel hung out in Brian’s arms and the stroller with his first-ever sucker




- The day ended with our annual post-Halloween-meltdown; the volume and pitch of which can only be obtained by ripping sugar-high children away from the most candy that they have ever seen in their little candy-driven lives and forcing them into their beds.  See!  My boys enjoy SOME traditions!



(Also costumes over coats and Samuel has long-johns on under his tights!)





I think it might have been our best Halloween ever!

Or, at least since we looked like this:






Just for my own nostalgia- indulge me!- our past Halloweens in review:




Joseph in the same chickie costume as Samuel wore this year!






Dragon Joseph trick or treating with our good friends in Idaho.  Isaac made a brief appearance that year:






Isaac in- SURPRISE!- the same chickie costume!  And this was right when Joseph’s Batman phase began. (I wouldn’t see his full face again for years)


FUN FACT: We moved to New Jersey the day before Halloween so I unpacked all day, didn’t make the weiner wraps, and was sooooo exhausted.  IMG_5357Oh yes, and Brian left our pumpkins at the hotel where we had been living in NYC (I’m not bitter, Brian! Just have a good memory!) so I “had” to  drive around NJ frantically trying to find a pumpkin ON Halloween so that Joseph could have the carving experience.

Summary: Not my best year! Haha! (I can laugh about it now!)





Joseph the ninja and Isaac the dragon (are you seeing the pattern?  Can you guess what Samuel will be next year?)

It snowed like crazy in NJ this year, and I trick or treated with some random ladies that I was dating to be friends with (it never panned out really) and I could hardly push my stroller  because of the snow drifts.

Brian didn’t get home from work until almost 7 and by that point Joseph was running a mysterious fever and requested that he go to bed.




DSC_0142The year of the superheroes!  Oh how I love family-themed costumes!  And little teensie bald Samuel!



Caitlin said...

i see Isaac in your photo! very cute, happy (belated) Halloween!

Terri said...

glad you had a good halloween!!! I hid out in my craft room getting the rest of my projects ready for my craft sale. BUT I did dress up for work.