Friday, November 22, 2013

Cozy up



We have entered into the not-so-pretty part of fall in Oregon.

The leaves are down and mushy-brown on the ground

It is gloomy and dark so early and coooold (I’m searching the internet for baby mittens in another window right now.)


Also, my keyboard is mysteriously sticky?  Which has nothing to do with the weather, but I feel as thought it is worth noting as every “space bar” has my left thumb sticking.  And whatever is bugging Caitlin is notable on my blog.


The two littlest boys have been fighting off a case of the coughy-sniffles, and I have been fighting off a case of the sleepies for… the past six years.

All of the above = we are hunkering down and cozying up.


I am staying home more, especially in the dark, wet afternoons.


Brian is making fires in the morning, and then I feed it all day with wood that I make my sons bring in for me.  Kind of like an all-day love note from my husband.


We are thinking of indoor activities to pass the time (*cough*extra movies!*cough*) and eating lots of pumpkin-items, soup, and comforting things like cinnamon rolls.



Also, I prefer to now be in my robe by 3:00 pm. 

But, I wear it over my clothes…so can we call it a housecoat?  Are housecoats classier than robes?  How about if they are red and fuzzy? 


  I’m thankful for my cozy, easy life.


Maureen said...

LOVE that cozy fire...let us know when you need more wood for those "big" boys to carry in :)

suzy said...