Friday, November 1, 2013

Friday Video


Oh Samuel!  What an absolute treat he is to have in our lives!


I find this video particularly adorable because:

a) he shows you pretty much every trick in his book- which he will almost NEVER do in person

b) his teeth! Oh his teeth!

c) the way he is leaning to the side to see me around the camera.



Today held an especially awesome moment with Samuel-



he woke up from his nap and Brian brought him in to where I was napping in our bed (Brian took a vacation day!), and he lay down on the pillow right next to me facing away so that his sweet, fluffy, baby-soap-smelling hair was right in my face.

I told Brian, “oh! I wish he would nap like this!” and Samuel proceeded to hold perfectly still for about 10 minutes while I just inhaled his lovely fluffy baby-ness!  When I felt him finally sit up I opened my eyes only to see his giant cheesy smile just inches from my face.  Oh my heart!



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