Saturday, June 2, 2012

Early Summer



Today was the perfect early summers day.



We spent the morning at our local farmer’s market- complete with honey sticks (anyone?), doughnuts, and a half-flat of strawberries that is already mostly gone.


Isaac has been covered in red juice all day.


Oh, and a dip in the downtown fountain too. 


In case you were there- my kids were the ones sticking their heads in the fountain and shaking like dogs.  And getting completely soaked.  Oh, and- in Joseph’s case- stripping NAKED for a brief jaunt until I grabbed him and made him put back on shorts.


(Some peonies from my backyard.  And if you have an eagle eye, you might spot that its in a Stella bottle…)


We picked up some pizzas to bake at home, had some friends over for dinner, and went outside for a bike ride / to plant flowers until it got dark at 9:20.



There was a brief incident with a HORNET in the van while I was on the headset ordering the pizzas, but other than that it was a really stress-free day!


(I tried to bat it out the window, and it fell off and landed on my ARSE, and I had to drive with my derriere in…well…the air and towards the window while trying to fan it off.  So.  That wasn’t so neat.)


Staying at home year-around, I kind of struggle with making the seasons special. 




(making batman hit my stomach)


So, I am working on a summer fun list with the boys (which I will post on here when I’m done)


but trying to keep everything else on the docket low-key, filled with ice cream, BBQs, and chlorine smells.


who’s with me?


Jenners said...

Loving your belly shots!!

I'm all about keeping summer simple. I'm hoping to pull it off this year and not panic about 24 hour/ 7 day a week togetherness. You get spoiled when they start going to school and it is hard to give it up.

ter@waaoms said...

I'm sure you will come up with a fantastic way to to spend your days this summer.

Maureen said...

Love the hornet story.
Hope you can find those same sunglasses again for Isaac - so cute!
Nice pedi :)
Love you!