Friday, June 15, 2012

Don’t Let the Smooth Taste Fool Ya



These boys have not been behaving nearly as sweetly as they appear in this photo, taken this morning.

Also, I’ve heard this phrase before- but what is it really from?  I’m too tired to find out (see post below) so I apologize if it is from something really tacky like a beer ad, which I coupled with a picture of my babies.  So it goes.


Last night was probably one of the worst nights I have ever had.

I say PROBABLY because, through some miracle of biology, mothers tend to forget the horrible things and hang on to the good.

For example, I am thinking that maybe contractions weren’t so bad after all…???

Which is why we keep having more and more babies.



This post is for posterity- so that next time I think that having 2.5 kids wasn’t so bad and I should maybe go for 3.5 kids you will all yell at me STOP!  CAITLIN!  READ THAT ONE POST! 

I’m not saying it will stop me (I love that newborn smell), but I should at least be going in with my eyes wide open.


The boys woke up a collective 6 times last night.  SIX.  TIMES.  And they didn’t go to bed until 9:30, which meant that I didn’t finish cleaning up and starting my packing (we are headed out of town today) until 11:30, at which time #3 decided it was, as previously posted a PAAARTAY in my uterus until 12:30.

And Joseph was up for the day at 6:20, at which time I told him politely (or ran after him down the hallway shrieking) that he had to go back to bed, and he wailed so loudly that he woke up Isaac.

My eye is so bloodshot that it looks like I have contracted some sort of terrible infection and…maybe I have?  The night is just kind of a blur, is what I’m saying.  Anything could have happened to that eye.

Anyway, after we were all up, I started explaining to Joseph how this nighttime madness has to stop. 

I am growing a baby and I need my sleep, and--- you know that glazed-eye look that men get? (except my darling Brian of course- kiss! kiss!) When they shift from listening  to thinking about…well, in Joseph’s case, super heroes?  It starts early, folks.

Basically, when it comes to sleep, I am at their mercy.  And they don’t really care about whether or not I am rested!  They just want to climb out of bed and find me and…stand there staring and breathing on my face.  For some reason.  It makes no sense!


And so, our whole errand-filled day has been full of tears and wailing, and fighting, and stomping of feet.  (the children have done it all.  I am much too tired to have any such strong emotions)

So, now I am packing up for our trip by myself so that we can leave directly after Brian gets off work, and the kitchen is COVERED in yogurt (don’t ask) and toothpicks (seriously, don’t) but here I sit typing up my tale of woe for some sympathy and some birth control.


I also wanted to share with you my small victories.

Because even when its bad, it’s not all bad.

There were two minutes of glory in my morning:


1)  When I “accidentally” dropped a bag of ice I was purchasing right onto their little fighting-even-though-i-asked-them-not-to laps.  And oh!  The gasps!  The shrieks!  AHAHAHA!!  Favorite part of the day so far! haha!  Time to cool down boys!  Immature?  Perhaps.


2) When Isaac threw his croc at me while I was driving, and Joseph was cryyyyying about something and I looked in my rear view mirror at those two and blinked my poor sandpapery eye and thought-

OH man!  In about 10 years I am SOOO making you guys mow/weed/edge our whole yard.

Every other week.

For free.



ter@waaoms said...

at least you have good excuses for sleep deprivation. I have no excuse. *yawn* just woke up from a power nap that my pup insisted on. ;) (seriously, she totally did)

Maureen said...

I will do my best to remind you of these tough times even if you DO make wonderful grandsons and even if you are an awesome Momma, because I DO remember nights like those and it was just NUTS! Especially because the next day has no assuredness of any recouperation time. Hope your eye heals quickly and that you get some R&R this weekend!!!

Jen said...

Dude! You need to print this stuff and pass it out at sex-ed class in high school. Birth control indeed.

Jenners said...

And scrub toilets … and clean out drains. There is no end to icky jobs you can make them do for no pay! Karma is a btich, boys!!