Thursday, June 28, 2012




I embarking on a parenting change.

A new way of handling the boys,

and a new way of viewing my life.

This all came about, if you are curious, after bursting into tears on Tuesday when Brian came home at 11:00pm and I was still cleaning up- having just heard my last “Mama?!” coming from the boys room at 10:30 pm.

There is only so much of me to give, and I had given it all by about 7:02.

So, here we are changing some things up a bit.

I’m not quite ready to share all the details with you yet;

partly because I’m not sure how it is all going to work

and partly because I’m thinking 99.5% of you will be saying, “Well, duh, Caitlin.  Didn’t you know that you should be doing that?”


BUT, but, but, the good news is that it means that I will, almost definitely, be on here a whole lot more!

In what capacity, I can’t say for sure, as changing up my life is also making me want to change up this space as well! (hence the new blog header.)

So, I will be trying a few new things out, as well as some of the old, and I will be interested to hear what you all end up liking!  Feel free to weigh in!  What do you want from me??!!

Also, Thank You for everyone who has stuck with me through these sporadic months of blogging!

Every time it has been a week with no posts, my mom (the blog-alarm-clock of sorts) calls to warn me that I’m going to lose all of my followers!

And yet, that hasn’t happened!  So thanks for sticking it out!

Or maybe you are all just relieved to have a blog to follow that posts less because you have lives too! It’s hard to say.

With that, I will stop my vague ramblings, and head off to make some cookies.




Jen said...

As long as you write about these 'changes' I am all for it. :-)

Jenners said...

Good for you for making changes to keep yourself sane. Applauding you! And if it means we get more of you, all for the better!

Robyn said...

Ok, not sure what you are going to throw at us but you should know something...I do NOT know how you do the 24/7 thing!!!! You are crazy amazing for even having this blog. Did you know that I started a blog back in 07? I have posted a big fat zero times because I am too tired and over letting everyone know what we are doing (Surviving this thing called parenthood!).
I love going to work. There, I said it. I love being Robyn, not Mom for the part time hours that I do it. But, I know this about myself, I need it. I look at you and envy how you do it all without some alone time and how you make it so funny for all of us to enjoy when really I know it is not fun for you. Isn't it weird when we are going through our day ready to pull out or hair but when they are quiet and we are reflecting about the day all we remember is how cute they were? This is a God given blessing.
Luck and love to you!

T Rex Mom said...

If it makes you feel any better, I just left my little girl who had a full blown tantrum at 11:00 because she wanted me to put her covers on her. It's 11:15 pm.

It is the stage of life I am at. I just know someday I will miss it. It's just hard sometimes to remember that when tired and worn out. Plus, I don't have being pregnant on top of that.

So far, though, I like the new blog look.

Whew - at first I thought you were going to say you were cutting your hair.

Caitlin said...

Thank you Robyn! It is okay that you love to work- some days (a LOT of days) I think that I would love it too! I honestly don't know how I do it sometimes either!! Am I doing it? Really?
I think it is like when you are running and feeling good, then when you STOP running, you are suddenly horribly tired/sore? I think I just haven't stopped running yet!

And yes, I am finding my children quite appealing right now as they are sleeping so peacefully!

Thank you for the encouragement- it helps to have someone else tell me that I am doing something amazing!
Let me know if you ever get to that blog of yours

ter@waaoms said...

ha! I have no good excuse for why my blog is slacking... at least your excuse is good. :) plus your posts are worth the wait. :)

Good luck with your changes and looking forward to hearing about them too. :)

Beth at Five Kids Is A Lot Of Kids said...

Woohoo! Can't wait to hear more about the CHANGES because they sound exciting and life-giving, and EVERY MAMA needs exciting and life-giving, yes? Yes!

Also, I adore the new header in part because I can just click on your adorable baby belly to get back to your home page. Free fun! :D

lisa said...

Cait, that is an especially beautiful picture of you.