Friday, June 8, 2012

End of the Week



- These family pictures are from our Mother’s Day trip to Wahkeena Falls, which I haven’t even posted about here yet. 

Also, as you will see by the end of the post, it is impossible to get a good shot of all of us.  But, that is the crazy, slightly annoying, beautiful stage we are in right now…


- I just had to stop typing for a few minutes to look out the window.  It is raining So. Hard. that I just have to gape a bit.  Despite the fact that it is mid-June, we are having pretty gloomy, rainy, cool weather ‘round these parts. 

Here is my secret though: I love it!

Although, I probably mostly love it because I don’t really have to go out in it unless I choose to!  It is perfect for snuggling on the coach with kiddos and library books.  Or, you know, sticking your 4 year old in front of a movie so that you can blog with a cup of coffee!


- I am leaving in the morning for an overnight beach trip with a friend of mine!  I am really, really excited because- HELLO! No kids!, but I am also a bit nervous because- WAH! My kids!

The controlling  mothering part of me is wanting to lay out clothes and label meals and set out the Ibuprofen along with dosage information, and is that Isaac I hear coughing?! Whatever will they do without me!

But, come on, Caitlin.  It is ONE night, and they will be with their FATHER.

So, I am trying to keep hands off!

(maybe just a quick batch of fresh muffins though?  For their sunday breakfast? My babies!!)


- In an hour or so Joseph and I are going on a special date just the two of us!  He has requested a hamburger dinner (bonus! I have a coupon for a free kids meal at Red Robin!) and perhaps a trip to Target?  We shall see.

This date comes from him obeying us by not getting out of bed before his night light turns to sun all week!  I should really blog about that nightlight some time.   Changed our lives!  As long as its obeyed…


- Yesterday I went to the mall, and I actually dried my hair beforehand and wore maternity jeans. (as opposed to the standard lounge-pants)

Joseph said, “Wait, mama! Are you going to the mall without me?!”

I replied no and he said,

“Well then why are you looking all fancy??!”

He proceeded to tell me multiple times how FANCY and PRETTY I looked.

I should really try a lot harder around here.


- The other morning, while we were snuggling in my bed, Joseph and I were talking about school and I brought up the concept of college.  I explained that it is where you can go to school to learn about what you want to BE, like firefighters school, or dental school, and he said,

“Wait, wait wait.  Is there a Batman school?”

I said maybe.



suzy said...

Have the BEST time at the beach!!, love the family pics you looks so pretty in green! Batman school exists.

ter@waaoms said...

great photos!! and sounds like fun, I want to go to the beach too! somebody take me!

Beth said...

Beach without kids is addicting! Have a wonderful time...knowing that they will get their time at the beach with you too. Loved the pics and recall the unbelievable work getting just ONE Christmas card picture over the years!

Jenners said...

I love your photos!! I love Batman school (I wish I'd gone). I love that you have a beach weekend -- just enjoy!