Thursday, June 14, 2012




Guess who turned 27 today?

(hint: he works all the time, and produces extremely naughty-but yes, adorable-BOYS boys boys…)


This guy!


We celebrated with style,


meaning I hung some crepe paper streamers, blew up a few balloons, and Joseph picked out some sticky-hands and squirt-guns as party favors!  Wheeeeee!


Dear Brian,


(Brian and Isaac squirting a spider, Joseph squirting Brian’s backside…)


Happy Birthday sweetie!  Hope you enjoyed livin’ it up this evening!


I love you very much,


I even love how you have started wearing your socks pulled up with your shorts, just like my Dad always did!  I wonder if all of your leg hair will start rubbing off in the shape of your socks?  SEEEXY! 


You also know that I love you, because these two fellas of yours are still alive after a week of CHAAAAAALENGING days/nights/afternoons/evenings/late mornings.


And because I let them help me make your cake



(hope you enjoyed all the saliva-spiked frosting!  Too bad your baby didn’t let me get near it without wanting to vomit! haha! All the more for you!)



and paint your birthday cards,  which deserves a post of its own, because, well, it involved paint…and this guy


Labor. Of. Love.


Speaking  of labor of love,  I am so excited to be having another member of the family with you!  Can’t wait to see what we’ve made this time!  I bet he will be cute!  And quiet!  And sweet!  And mild mannered!  (please please please!)

I hope you have a fantastic year, my dear.

We all love you so!

Your sweetie (I promise she’s in there somewhere!  Hidden by all the hormonal exhaustion!),



(Quote from when he took this picture:

Me: “Brian, you took the picture from below!  That’s not a flattering angle!  It makes me look chubby!

Brian:  “Caitlin, you are pregnant and holding a giant CAKE!”


Which I think means he finds me adorable from any angle?)




Caitlin said...

happy birthday brian! i hope your day was super special! loved the pictures of the boys, they are so cute! i can't wait to vitually meet number 3 :)
love from down under

ter@waaoms said...

I like the quote.

happy birthday to brian. you both make me feel ancient.

Have a great day!

Maureen said...

LOVE the pictures of my "babies" birthday party with the loves of his life! Thank you for loving that man, Caitlin...and all the little Harris men you two create!

Jenners said...

I just love your family … the love is so clear and apparent!! Not that I would actually want to LIVE with you or anything. The naughtiness of your boys comes through loud and clear and just makes me tired thinking about it. You rock as a mom. I admire you! Brian is a lucky lucky guy.