Tuesday, June 26, 2012

28 weeks



Here I am at 7 months again!

It is hard to believe that I am getting so close,

I can truly say that this is the first pregnancy that I have been in NO HURRY for it to end!  Seriously, little fella, can you just stay in there?  Where you don’t cry or poop or ask me tricky questions about the weather that I can’t answer?

Don’t get me wrong- I am sooo excited to have another sweet smelling, chubby cheeked cutie to cuddle with!  But.

I had a talk with my cousin last night in which I admitted to her: I am worried that once I have this here 3rd child, I might die.

Not for reals die (I hope.  sheesh!), but as in I-don’t-think-I-can-survive-this-you know what- getting-any-harder kind of die.

My dearest cousin offered some words of encouragement and murmurs of understanding (she has 2 boys, and I may have effected her decision to have a 3rd?  Whatever, Julie, do it!  No biggie! haha! I’m fine!) and she told me that HER friend who just had her third has found it to be no big deal!

So, that did make me feel better!

Although, I forgot to ask if her friend’s kids talk constantly, poop on the bathroom floor, take pictures off of the wall so that they can stand on them and jump off (true story), and spend their days trying to stick things in the electrical outlets?

To keep my nice warm reassured feeling, I’m going to assume yes?




ter@waaoms said...

you look good, and so does your back yard (I assume it's your back yard)

Here's to the rest of your pregnancy going well with a happy, healthy (and yes, LOUD) baby in a couple months. :)

Jenners said...

Just don't think about too much because … well … what are you going to do? : )

It will work out … and keep in mind that school will be on the horizon for Joseph soon. School = good!

Jenners said...

BTW, I love love love the new header!

Kaelie said...

I think most kids talk constantly lol. At least ours do. Elena loves to talk. While eating, through movies, during playtime, baths, pretty much all day every day. Most of the time I've learned to just nod and make occasional oh wow, yeah, really comments randomly. But there are those times I have to say to Elena and Bannor sometimes that I really need them to stop or I'm going to go crazy. Or if we are at home I tell them I need a break from them and go hide ;) adding a 3rd to our mix with the age difference we have has been quite a change yet so worth it. Juggling 3 kids is quite a feat though and luckily I don't currently have to do it full time. If we had all 3 all the time (Bannor and Elena are at their moms Monday through Friday) I would be much more frazzled and loving my one day of work oh so much more. But to help reassure you 3 is definitely doable and I know you'll do great!

Kaelie said...

Oh, and one other thing. Despite my life long desire to be a mommy to many children I've found being Vs mom and Bannor and Elenas stepmom is all I can take. 3 is our max to be able to maintain some semblance of sanity and have some sort of life outside of just being parents. Many people questioned my decision to have my tubes tied but it was an easy decision for Sean and I. 3 is our max. I have one friend who is pregnant with her 6th and works as a nurse full time and I feel exhausted just thinking of her.