Tuesday, May 29, 2012



(Pictures from this past weekend with the inlaws at the Oregon Coast)


- I just ate 2 Drumsticks.  If you just pictured a chicken leg instead of a chocolate filled, chocolate and peanut coated ice cream treat- well, gross.  And you should know better.


- I am contemplating a third.  No Caitlin! BAD! Bad girl! But maybe?


- I got a bit of a sunburn from my Memorial Day weekend at the beach . 

And I know it is SO BAD for you to get burned, and I know that it ages you and I am usually really great about sunblock and embracing my whiteness, but MAN!  A tan looks sooooo much better you guys!  Why, society, why have you brainwashed me?


(Joseph’s first whole sand dollar)


- Brian laid down for a nap after the boys went to bed, intending to wake up about 30 minutes later to watch Madmen with me. 

I just made an entirely half-hearted attempt to wake him, which he refused, and I happily left.  I love my husband, but sometimes a quiet evening with a book sounds just lovely too.


- And by book I mean dinking around on Facebook first.


- Every day I forget I am pregnant for some amount of time. Sometimes hours.

Usually a kick reminds me, but today it was when I glanced down and thought Woah Caitlin!  Suck it in girl! Before realizing that…well…I can’t. 

So bring on the Drumsticks-yes?



- Why is it every night when they are in bed and I am looking at pictures of the boys I am all choked up with love for them, but every day at about 1pm I am giddy with relief to chuck them into their nap beds?


(Isaac lay like this on purpose to be like Brian…)






- This evening I had a few minutes of free time with just Joseph and I had to choose between putting away some laundry that had been staring at me since 7 am and doing something with him instead. 

And I chose the laundry. 

In the back of my mind I was thinking- I might regret this some day! Savor every moment!- and the like, but c’mon man.

Sometimes the laundry just has to be put away.



- Well, I am off to the freezer…to…check on…something…?





Caitlin said...

I think this Caitlin spends too much time on Facebook :) loved the pictures! Savour the Drumsticks
All the best
Caitlin from Down Under xx

septembermom said...

Pictures full of love and joy. I'm so happy to pop over and see all these wonderful pictures :)

Mom said...

So funny about the ice cream!! Since you don't like breads or rice during this pregnancy, I don't see the harm in THREE! And....your own mother would totally have chosen the laundry too! THEN maybe a book or an art project with the boy!

T Rex Mom said...

Great photos - seems like a wonderful family outing. I hope the bronchitis is all better - at least drumsticks can make it seem better even if not.

Oh, and I am charmed that Isaac lays like his dad to be like him. Naughty charming fellow - you have your hands full!

Jenners said...

Yes .. your freezer is making a weird noise. Better go check it out.

I knew what Drumsticks you meant.

You can choked up with love when looking at pictures because they are not making noise then. :)

ter@waaoms said...

I want a drumstick too. and I'm not even pregnant.

great pics, glad to see you around. :)