Wednesday, November 30, 2011


(note: this was actually written earlier this week- I am feeling much better now.  But will still take any sympathy scraps you throw to me)

I’m sick.

I mentioned this briefly in an earlier post, and, if you have talked to me recently, I probably mentioned it then too.

Also, if you are Brian, I have mentioned it (or moaned it) every 5 minutes since I got the first throat-tickle.

Here’s why I keep bringing it up:   because otherwise you might forget!

You see, I don’t let illness stop me!

The only time that I have taken to my bed and been unable to function with illness (since becoming a mother!) was in the spring when I got strep throat.  That was also the time that my milk dried up and I had to wean poor Isaac cold turkey, but that is another post! (or not!)

I didn’t even get to lie around in bed when I had a stomach bug last year, and Brian had something important going on at work so he couldn’t help, so I spent almost the entire day on the toilet while simultaneously nursing infant Isaac and while Joseph played/read/colored/cried at my feet!  Oh motherhood!  So much different than I dreamt you would be as a little girl!  

So maybe it is more like I don't GET to let illness stop me? 

Anyway, the point is, I hate to brag, but I am kind of a stud most of the time (I had the kids by myself for 14 hours today, which included a zoo trip! shudder.), so I feel like, when I am sick, no one appreciates how much MORE of a stud I have to be!

Like, when I am bent over and searching under the couch for that stinkin’ Playmobil sword for the 100th time that day, I don’t think anyone stops to think, “Gee. I bet it feels like that sword is buried in Caitlin’s sinuses right now.”  (It does!)

Or when I am sprinting after Isaac at the zoo because he can fit under the small fence and walk right up to the mountain lion exhibit, I don’t think people realize how hard it is to run when your lungs are soaked in phlegm!  It’s hard people!  It’s hard!

So, basically what I’m saying is that if I am a big whiner when I am sick, it is not because I am a wimp and cannot function.

It is because I can, gosh darn it, and I am a strong woman, and a good mother who can’t take a sick day and I would like a little acknowledgement!  Sympathy!  A shoulder rub!  Candy! (Briiii-an!!)

That is all.  You may carry on with your day. 
(Like I always do.)


T Rex Mom said...

Oh golly, well I am glad you are doing better. I'd think you're pretty darn tough without reading this but I guess I just needed to write it for the record.

I can barely brave the zoo alone when I am well. You deserve lots of massages and candy for sure!

Jen said...

Every mom is entitled to whine and complain when needed. I am sorry you are sick but glad you are feeling better.

ter@waaoms said...

lol, I think you were less whining and more bragging!!

(not that you don't deserve to. :) )

(and very glad no lions got to your baby!)

Jenners said...

Being a mom and being sick SUCKS! I am not feeling good this week but does it stop my son from barging into my room at 6:00 am to wake me up to play? No … no it does not. Meanwhile, Daddy gets to sleep in because, you know, he works and all. While I just sit around and do nothing all day. You have my sympathy!

Maureen said...

OH how I hope Brian reads this post and comes home with some Crumbs Cupcakes!!! You deserve them to be sure :)