Monday, November 21, 2011

What we do



I mentioned to another mother the other day that Joseph was not in preschool this year and she turned to me, shocked, wrinkled her nose and said, “What in the world do you DO all day??!!”

Unfortunately, at the time, I was caught off guard and mumbled something like, “Oh you know!  Just everyday stuff!” and slunk home to crawl into bed and re-evaluate my life.

I have actually gotten this question before, and this got me thinking…

I have nothing against preschool (my Mama is a preschool teacher in fact!), but we decided to not enroll Joseph this year.  Does this mean that I do nothing?  That I am depriving my child?

Since when is raising two boys at home not enough?

Is it even possible to do nothing whilst keeping two young children alive?

If so, PLEASE tell me your secret, because I would looove to do nothing!

But, in the meantime, this is what we DO all day:


- On a good day, I wake up at 6 am to take a shower/drink my coffee before the kids wake up.  Most days, sadly, I am awakened by the word, ‘Mama!” spoken loudly and directly into my face.


- Joseph climbs into bed with me and snuggles for a while.  It can either be for a few minutes, or up to 15 (snooze button!) depending on whether or not I have interesting toys within groping distance and if he thinks my breath smells to bad to be breathed on him.


- He plays computer games ( while I get ready.


-Isaac wakes up!



- Breakfast!!



That part is the same, every day.  Every. Day.  From here, though we mix things up a bit!  We might:


-Run around the garbage can while I sing “See the ponies galloping!”


- Throw everything off the couch and jump into the beanbag!


- Take pictures of jumping and then show each other them and laugh and laugh!


- Make cookies!


- Eat all the cookies!


- Play in the sink!


- Arts and crafts time! (while I try not to cringe at the sight of the kitchen floor DESTROYED…)


- Read books!  Although not as many as I should because Joseph only wants to read Superhero ones (BOOOO-RING!) and Isaac only wants to read picture books of trucks.

Gaaaah, do you know how many times you can say “Bulldozer!”  and act pleased to be looking at it without wanting to stab yourself in the eye? 

Well, I have done about a million “Bulldozers” and still have both my peepers, but its got to be close…


-Pretend to sword fight with random objects since you have no swords!


- Show each other cool jumps/karate chops/kicks while Mama folds laundry on the floor!


- Watch Youtube videos about kitties!


- Work on school workbooks with Joseph while Isaac drinks markers!


- Go to the park!

- Go to the zoo!

- Go to the mall!

- Go to the gym daycare!


- Go to Target to run around like a crazy person and act like you have never heard the word “no” in your life!


- Go to the grocery store to pick up the things that you didn’t get at the weekend market because you were too sick! (more on that later- cough! cough! wheeze! waaah!)


- Watch American Academy of Pediatrics-disapproved television!  (One of us is under two….)


- Wipe the counters/table repeatedly!  While Isaac smears things on them repeatedly!


- Dish out cereal for breakfast! lunch!! snack!! DINNER!! 


- Maybe take a nap!  Or not!  I have no control over this part!


- Change in and out of sweatpants!  Into them in the morning, Out of them to leave the house, Into them when we arrive home, Out of them (if I remember) before Brian comes home so I can look moderately attractive!


- Yay!  Daddy comes home!



- Or maybe Daddy works late!  Then Mommy tries not to cry while receiving the news, puts on her big girl panties, and does all the rest herself.


- Wrestle, wrestle, wrestle, come to Mommy crying about something!


- Bath time!


- BED for the boys!


- Thirsty!  Can’t find blankie!  Can’t find binky!  Can’t find stuffed guinea pig!  Hungry! Scared! WAAAAH!


- Reality television for Mommy.  Or Mad Men if Brian is still awake.


- Try not to be mad/suspicious toward Brian after seeing all of the infidelity on Mad Men. (Don Draper! For shame!  But you are so ruggedly HANDSOME!  I forgive you.)


- Bed for Me.


Sigh, my life of glamour as a New Jersey Housewife.  How can I possibly squeeze in one more thing?

Oh and I totally should have mentioned to the lady that I am WAAAAAY to busy jetting off to Europe, the West Coast, New England, Philly, and Washington DC to be tied down to a piddly little PRESCHOOL!

Ha! Take that preschool!  We are too busy and important for you!


Right, guys?


I mean…. right?


So, maybe it messed with my confidence a little.

Please, validate me.




Melissa said...

You don't know me, I work for your dad (who is awesome by the way, and that's not for brown-noser points) and he turned me on to your blog a couple years ago. I love following you and your sweet little family! I've learned what I should not do with cornstarch. I've learned that I'm not the only one that wonders where that misc stain on my shirt came from (must be from the kid). Your boys are so lucky to have somebody as fun loving and great as you are. You don't sweat the small stuff (if you do, you hide it well my friend :-)), you roll with the punches and you show your boys how to live life to the fullest. You are teaching them both very valuable lessons everyday, whether you mean to or not. I just wanted to drop you a little note. Have a fantastic Thanksgiving!!

blueviolet said...

I don't think there's anything wrong with taking a year off of preschool. I love how you guys live and really play over there! :)

Jenners said...

You do realize that if Joseph went to preschool, there would be one less boy for a small part of time each day, right? : )

You are the REAL housewife of New Jersey. Why you don't have your own TV show is beyond me.

Maureen said...

I don't see how ANYONE could do as great of a job teaching as you do, Caitlin! He is having "one on one" time with the most loving teacher he'll ever have and that little guy is SO smart that you certainly don't have to worry about him being behind in any way! You will never look back and regret spending too much time with your boys, I can guarantee that! He will join the school system all too soon. Love you and I am so appreciative of the childhood you are giving my grandsons :)

T Rex Mom said...

Maybe you were feeling a bit sensitive that day or maybe it was the way it was spoken. T Rex is not in preschool either. We do some stuff at home with him and it's been wonderful. They go off soon enough. And you do great things for your kids. I've read plenty of literature that says time at home well spent with a loving parent is extremely positive.

suzy said...

ok. since when did preschool exist even? since like the 70s. when moms started working outside of the home and needed to put their young kids somewhere decent. so i'd argue that it's a pretty recent fad! and i'd say all the people before the 1970s and preschool turned out pretty well. thomas jefferson, abraham lincoln, george washington... did they go to preschool?!! heck no techno! so please continue on with jumping and swordfighting and books... you are such an awesome mom!

Beth said...

C-A-I-T-L-I-N!!! For one, your boys are getting far more each day from you and time with each other than any 2.5 hour block of the morning (twice a week) could offer. (Not to mention field trips!) Secondly, they are so much more healthy being NOT in preschool. Of the 4 of our tykes, Suz went because she was a 'deadline' kid and we wanted to assess her readiness/have her play with people her age. Jon went because he only played with girls...he needed some other skills learned! The others were 'home schooled'-- I officially entitled it to stop the questioning. Just make sure he knows his colors, numbers, ABC's and can write his name... and perhaps the art of blowing his nose. You are not wasting time! You are giving the best gift any child could ever want! Bless you! Bless Brian too for making it possible!