Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Birthday Big Loader Video



For the record, Joseph figured out how to work this waaay before Brian or I did.

Please note the expletives he chose when making the loader change direction.  Such as “Patroler!” and “Batter!”

Also, Isaac’s face at about 1:26 makes me forget all of the tantrums he threw today.  And that’s saying something!


grandma said...

Cool, cool toy! I have never seen anything like that before and, as you know, I have seen a LOT of toys in my time!! (Did I see a "choking hazard" though? Does Isaac put things in his mouth?) I am glad that Joseph loves his birthday toy!

Beth said...

Your stories and joy watching the boys grow towards being MEN... blesses me! May Jesus fill your days with patience, love and wisdom! Thanks for sharing Joseph's 4th!

britney said...

Joel and I loved this video. So cute and seems like great family time. I love the "batter" and "patroler" part the best.

suzy said...

what an AWESOME toy!!! how fun! cute little family video... love it!

T Rex Mom said...

1:26 is the most charming angelic smile ever. What a cutie. Cool toy. T Rex was most impressed, too. I'm working on sending a video of him talking to Joseph. He's really been missing him.