Thursday, November 24, 2011



I am thankful for my two adorable, naughty, healthy, scrumptious boys



I am thankful for my wonderful tall dark and handsome husband who can still make my heart go pitter-pat.



I am thankful for our apartment- even if it is in stinkin’ New Jersey a few thousand miles away from family- it is warm, it is dry, and (for now) it is home.



I am thankful for our fantastic families.  It is nice that they are awesome enough that I miss them all the time!


I am thankful for Brian’s job.  Even if it does keep him working longer than I would like (I would like him to retire immediately and keep me company), it allows me to stay home with my children.



And I am thankful for this blog- for reminding me that I do have a brain and the capability of writing more than just a grocery list.


My life may involve lots of bodily fluids, tears, and things stuck to my socks, but there is at least one moment every day that I am really, truly, down-deep-in-my bones happy.  Who could ask for more?


Now, I am off to snuggle my husband and stir the gravy-


Happy Thanksgiving!



T Rex Mom said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you guys. We miss you and hope you had a lovely day with your boys.

Jen said...

I hope that you had the most amazing Thanksgiving and I hope there is tons of Turkey leftovers.

Jenners said...

Happy Belated Thanksgiving … you do have so much to be thankful for!

Maureen said...

Such a nice "thankful for", Caitlin! We miss you, too and we are thankful for your darling family!