Tuesday, November 15, 2011



(Chocolate on his face is from Joseph’s ice cream sandwich that Isaac climbed onto the table and stole)


Sure, it is Joseph’s birthday, but I need to take a moment to address the other little boy in this here apartment.

My dear Isaac.

21 months is a trying age and he is…how do a put it delicately…a firecracker.  A stinker.  Difficult.  Daring.  A teaser.  Naughty. 



Just yesterday’s trip to the store involved

him running away from me,

him knocking toys off the shelf so that he could stand on them and reach more toys,

him throwing boxes of Legos on the ground so that he could stand and jump off of them,

and then running away from me again into the kitchen section.


I chased him down and stuck him in the basket part of the cart, only to have him

reach onto the shelves and throw everything that he could reach onto the ground,

throw everything from the inside of the cart onto the ground,

cover his ears (no need for him to suffer) and yell, “NOOO!!!  NAUGHTY!!!” and “TOOOO LOUD!!!”

Also, I had to say “sit down” with every breath I took.


So, I karate chopped his mid-section (gently..ish) until he would sit in the seat portion of the cart where I could strap him in.

He proceeded to

Scream and cry,

take off his shoes repeatedly,

throw himself around so violently, within the constraints of the seatbelt, that it actually moved the cart closer to the wrapping paper (“BUGLE!” he cried with glee!) that he then yelled into (bugle style) and threw.


Meanwhile I am huffing and puffing like a lamaze instructor while giving people apologetic smiles and saying things like “Haha.  One of those days!”  or “Excellent birth control!”


But you see the other thing about Isaac is that he has these blue eyes that just sparkle with mischievousness.

plus a contagious smile, even when he is doing something naughty.

And boy does he love his Mama!

I know because he tells me,

and gives me looooong hugs,

and sloppy kisses.


So I am trying to be more patient, and trying to be more consistent, and trying to be firm, and trying to find ways to distract him, and trying to find the joy in the sweaty-huffy-chase filled Target trips.

I’m trying.


ter@waaoms said...

I got exhausted just reading that. :)

Jenners said...

Just think that a trip to Target will probably lower the birth rate in your part of Jersey!

He's such a little devil.

suzy said...

haaaaaaaaa! pretty picture of you guys too friend... i love you hair twist! makes me laugh.

eden likes to take her trike and go full speed down the hill into the street. no fear. puts the fear into me. now we have a rule called "TOUCH THE TIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!" It means touch the tire while I put Jude into his car seat OR ELSE. sigh.

blueviolet said...

That's all you can do is try. If he weren't so darn cute....

Forgot to say in the last post that my kids had that construction set and it is so much fun!

Maureen said...

I know that is actually TRUE, just from our store run at Petco when you were here. I still laugh at how he got some chemical "spray" on his fingers and proceeded to get those fingers in Marks mouth as well as his. Both of them HATED the taste and Isaac kept spitting on the floor to get it out! Mark refrained from spitting at least!

T Rex Mom said...

Bebe Sister learned a little too much from this. This age is a naughty one, isn't it?