Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Jesus makes for some interesting bedtime convos

First of all, WOWIE WOW WOW people, thanks for all of the super-validating-and-encouraging-"we-love-Caitlin"-type comments!  I really should ask for validation more often!

Seriously, though, thank you.  Motherhood is a tricky thing where you are never really sure if you are doing a good enough job, and it is nice to hear that I am.

Second of all, as a reward of sorts, I will share with you a conversation that I had with Joseph tonight.

I know, I know, it's now a real reward, like one of my loaves of bread or a cookie, but that's why you have to come visit me in New Jersey, everyone!

Let me give you a little background info on this bedtime convo between my eldest and myself.

I may have mentioned before that Joseph is a bit- unexpected?  unusual?  quirky?
   A few weeks ago we heard Joseph crying at bedtime,  and when I went in to find out what was happening, he said that he didn't want to die!!!  Like the man who used to be in charge of the country!! (George Washington). 

I was a bit blindsided by this (having expected the usual "its dark" or "I am having bad dreams" to be the cause of his tears),.
(and because seriously- George Washington?  I barely mentioned that he was the man on the $1 bill and that no he doesn't live in the building we visited-the white house- because he was dead.  Barely mentioned it a FEW WEEKS AGO.)

Anyway, the whole convo may or may not have ended with me panting/sweating, and declaring that we would never die.


I will cross that bridge another time...like when he is not FOUR.
Since then, the talk of heaven and death has really increased around here.  

Just last night he yelled out to me from the bedroom, "Mama!  I want to take my bed to heaven!  So I can lay down!"  To which I declared that beds were absolutely allowed in heaven!! I promise!! Yes, for sure!

So, there you have it, in case you were wondering where you might lie down in the afterlife.

Ahem, so back to tonight's convo.
We were saying our nightly prayer, which as a special treat tonight included the phrase, "and  please help Joseph to not argue with his Mama and to remember that she is the boss and that he has to OBEY HER." amongst other things.

When I finished Joseph said, "Do you think Jesus can hear our prayers all the way from heaven way way up past outer space?"
Me:  (thinking, Go, Caitlin, escape!)   "Yes.  Now lets find your blankie... Goodni-"

Joseph:  "Does he have to come down from heaven?  How does he fly?  Does he have wings?  Or is it magic?"

Me:  "Ummmm... he just can fly!  But he can hear them from heaven."

Joseph:  "Do you think Jesus is very strong?"

M:  "Yes...." (??)
J:  "So he is strong enough to bring my bed to heaven?"

M:  "Oh.  Yes."

J:  (Starting to cry) 'But I don't WANT to die and go to heaven!  Even when I'm really really old!!!"

(Seriously people?  what am I supposed to do with this kid?!)

M:  "Well, lets not talk about that, lets just say goodnight and that I love you-"

J:  "But I don't know what she looks like."

M:  "Who?  Jesus?"

J:  "Yes.  Is she a man?"

M:   "Yes.  You've seen pictures- we think that he probably had a beard and brown eyes and..."

J:  "What is Jesus' favorite food?"

M:  "Ummm....bread"  (???????)

J:  (starting to cry again) "But how can Jesus ever have toast if they don't have toasters in HEAVEN!! WAAAAH!"

M:  "Yes they do!  They DO have toasters in heaven."

J:  (instantly fine) "Do they have hay in heaven?"

M: "Ummm...hay? "(???????? times infinity)

J:  "Yes, you know.  Jesus likes hay.  Like in that barn thing?  When he was a baby?"

M:  "Oh, yep!  They sure do!  Goodnight sweetie!  see you in the morning!"

(run out the door with more sweating/panting)

So, in review, or in case Joseph quizzes you:

Heaven has:  

Jesus can fly because : He just can.

And our particular family is immortal.

I can't help but feel that I am being tested in some way.  And that I have NO. IDEA. what the answers are!


ter@waaoms said...

I'm sorry, I laughed!

and then I laughed some more.

(but at the same time, I felt a bit sad)

I hope Joseph will find the answers to his questions... but not for a very very very very very long time.

Maureen said...

I love him and his little mind! I think you gave great answers to some really tough questions that I don't think ANY of us know the absolute right answers to...so A+ for you and sweet dreams to Joseph :)

grandma said...

I laughed a lot at this because it is so darn hard and brought back memories of my "deer in the headlight" moments!! Remember you can always say to a child, "Wow! That is a really good question and I don't know the answer but let's think about it for a while" and then hope he never asks again!!

Jenners said...

I am just laughing myself silly over this!! I feel your pain … I've had tons of awkward and difficult conversations with my son regarding Jesus and God and what can and cannot be done and it becomes a big giant mess where I just make up things that sound good and what he wants to hear because darn it … they are little kids!!! Jesus will understand!

britney said...

I think I like your mom's answer. Sometimes making things up is hard especially if you don't know the answer or if the real answer is more complicated than he could really understand. Just tell him you don't know, and maybe "ask your Sunday School teacher" or "give me a day to find out the answer". I think if he's going to cry, like with the toaster, it's ok to tell him "yes, there are toasters in Heaven...and beds...and hay".

You are doing great, give yourself a break.

By the way, still excited to go see Breaking Dawn with you when you come home, so plan on it.