Wednesday, November 16, 2011



Well, he went and did it, folks.


My baby turned 4 yesterday!



Oh, I wish I could tell you how much I love this kid.


Two days ago he came into our room in the morning, and saw me wearing a red robe with a white t-shirt underneath.

He said, “Mama, your robe looks like a red blood cell!  And your shirt looks like a WHITE blood cell!”


He is truly one of a kind!


(first thing in the morning, birthday snuggles in bed with Mama while playing with his knight figurines!)


I told him that he could choose anything he wanted for his birthday breakfast, including chocolate chip pancakes…


and he chose oatmeal and a glass of eggnog.


After breakfast, we took a trip to the pediatrician for a check up and for both boys to get flu shots!  Because nothing says “Happy Birthday!” like an inoculation!

Miraculously, neither boy cried!

I asked Joseph what he wanted to do next.  Perhaps a trip to the park?  And he chose…


Target to look at/play with toys!

I did let him pick out a Charlie Brown Christmas dvd  (shhh…I was planning on getting it anyway!) and some Target-brand ice cream sandwiches.

What’s next after Target, Joseph?


“Old” McDonalds for lunch!


After a failed nap attempt by Joseph, some movies snuggled on the couch, and some cookie making that ended with me yelling (as usual) “Everyone out of the kitchen!!”  he requested for his birthday dinner…

Oatmeal and toast with slices of cheese on top!

(have I mentioned that I love this kid?)

When Brian got home, it was present time!



(Brian is eating his re-heated oatmeal.  Lucky boy!)



and the big present of the night- a Big Loader Construction Set!



It is suuuuper cool, and Joseph has told me several times today how much he loves it!




I can see one little problem, however…


Isaac.  Will.  Destroy.  It.



Joseph also didn’t want cupcakes this time around (we had lots of parties and cake in Oregon) so we made some cocoa crackle cookies instead!

(Bonus!  I don’t like them, so I will not end up eating 20 of them like I do with the cupcakes!)

We actually FORGOT to do this part last night!  We tucked the boys in bed, sighed, and were about to start Mad Men, when I remembered!  Gahh, the mom guilt!  So we got them back out of bed again!


(which maybe made it more fun for them than it would have been?) 



The cookies were not the best to stick candles in,


so Joseph ended up picking them up one by one as they fell over, and blowing them out that way.



It should be noted that this is the only time (out of 3 birthday gatherings) that he actually blew out the candles himself!


It should also be noted that Isaac has extremely chubby cheeks.


(Favorite picture ever.)


And that he looks nothing like his father. 


(aka the middle eastern/italian gentleman who adopted him)



Lastly, my traditional “at time of birth” birthday photo, a little early this year at 10:30 pm since 9:07 pm mountain time is 11:07 here…


And yes that is chocolate still on his face.


This post is already huge, so a birthday-type video coming up next…

and a cocoa crackle cookie to anyone who made it through the whole thing!

See what happens when I don’t like something?  Generosity!


suzy said...

okay. i am officially in love! Joseph looks so much like Daniel to me! A COMPLETE robertson, shhh! (sorry Maureen).

Beautiful kids, beautiful day! And I think i spotted some Keen boots on Joseph... love those shoes.

LOL at the white blood cell comment! and isaac's cheeks! life is sweet. you do a good job capturing it friend!

blueviolet said...

Can you please name me as a guardian for your kids and then I'll have you killed so that I can have them? What say you on that?

KIDDING!!! <--- because some crazy people might believe me that I would kill you.

Such a cute way to spend the day, and the red and white blood cell commment was so funny!

Jen said...

For my next birthday, I want to have a birthday like Joseph had.

What a great day.

And nope, you can't tell that Issac and Brain are father and son. Not one little bit.

ter@waaoms said...

looks like joseph had a wonderful birthday!!

the pic of isaac is hilarious!

Jenners said...

Wow … the kid likes oatmeal. A lot. Too funny.

And Issac does have chubby cheeks.

I already fear the tears when the Big Loader is destroyed.

Caitlin said...

Sounds like a great birthday! All the things a little boy loves... happy birthday buddy!

Maureen said...

So glad Joseph had the birthday of HIS dreams and I am impressed that he blew out his own candles :)
LOVE YOU ALL...great pictures and posts, Caitlin!

T Rex Mom said...

Love all the photos. I feel like we were able to celebrate a little with him. T Rex sang the birthday song for him.

The first one is my favorite, though. I actually think Joseph is looking more like Brian. Isaac, not so much still.

And that blood cell comment is the best!