Friday, December 2, 2011

Celebrity Sighting



On the way to work the other day, Brian just happened to see the Muppets!  Filming Good Morning America!  So he stopped by for a closer look…


He appears at 0:25, above everyone else, even though he is in the back (GI-ANT!)

At 1:34 he does an intentionally-creepy wave

and at 2:01 he takes a cell phone picture (to send to me!)


He got to see the puppeteers and everything! Including Jim Henson’s son!

And even though he is not in the clip, he also got to see them perform one of my favorite Muppet songs:

Ah! Glamorous Life in New York City for Brian! 

I am pretty sure that the most glamorous thing I did on this day was clipping both the boys’ nails and doing a load of whites.

Something seems a bit uneven.


T Rex Mom said...

This is totally my kind of celebrity sighting. I LOVED the muppets as a kid. Hmm - I think it's time for Muppets Christmas Carol, actually.

Very cool.

Jenners said...

Awesome!! All that height came in handy!!! And I agree … this is very very very uneven. You need your own celebrity sighting … like (insert your favorite celebrity here) with you in spa!

ter@waaoms said...

I laughed so hard. I don't know why it was so funny to see Brian in the background. I think your comments just made it hilarious. Creepy wave hahaha!

britney said...

Joel and I laughed so hard when we saw this on Joel's email. Joel though Brian looked so goofy. He couldn't stop laughing at him. His height really came in handy.