Monday, December 20, 2010

The Witching Hour



Every house has one.

The hour in which everything is complete chaos and everyone is a big, nasty ball of NEEDS.

In our house it is right about 5:00-6:00 pm.


Joseph starts doing something to get my attention over and over and over and over



(this particular evening he was putting raw carrots into my bowl of cooked carrots…after first sticking them in his mouth)

and my leg becomes a magnet which Isaac cannot resist.



He whines, and yells, and tries to nurse on any patch of exposed skin he can find…'

including my knee through the hole in my jeans!

(Dear Santa: I need new jeans!  And a full time housecleaning service!  And a pony!)


Another fun fact,

my witching hour always ends with someone in tears,

it often ends with a threat or punishment,

and it sometimes ends with me bellowing “EVERYONE OUT OF THE KITCHEN RIGHT NOW BEFORE I LOSE MY MIND!!!!”

while no one leaves the kitchen, of course. 

Because, hello Caitlin, one of them is a baby, and the other one does the opposite of whatever you ask him to do anyway.

I just do it because it makes me feel better.

(Hence the “witch” in the term witching hour, perhaps?)


When is your witching hour?


~~Mel~~ said...

Oh boy...I do not envy you. It's funny how they need you when you are busy doing something this case cooking dinner and sorry to burst your bubble but Riley still 'needs' me when I'm busy...I could be sitting doing nothing important and the minute I get up to make dinner, or get on the phone, etc he needs to tell me this or that and will not take no for an answer lol.

Jenners said...

It changes to whenever I've decided to make dinner. In fact, tonight I ended up yelling "Get the heck out of here and go find something to do before I burn the chicken." Then I felt bad, followed him out of the room to talk ... and burnt the chicken.

Katie said...

Our witching hour is the hour before our son actually goes to sleep. We have to do breathing treatments and take medicine and, on alternating nights, take a bath. My son is not quite 3 and he acts the same way as Joseph.
It takes a good 5-5,000,000 times of my son getting out of bed every night too...and now I need some wine just thinking about it!
(BTW, he's singing LOUDLY in his room right now, not sleeping, and has already been back out twice.)

T Rex Mom said...

T Rex Dad read this post before I did and asked, "Have you talked to Caitlin about the witching hour?" I asked, "Why? I don't think so." His response, "Because they have one too and they call it, 'the witching hour, too'".

It must be universal. Ours is the exact same time - while I am trying to make dinner. When he gets home he often asks, "Are you upset that I'm home late." I shake my head because of course I'd love for him to be home earlier but that's not why I'm frazzled. Once, he attempted what I do on nearly a daily basis, and it all became crystal clear. I can home and he seemed upset but it was not at me but from witching hour events.

Know you are not alone. It is happening in homes all over. This is the time when I've learned that sometimes, the dog needs to go outside so she can stay out of the kitchen, T Rex can watch a show, and the baby can sit in her high chair and enjoy a pre-dinner snack or bang some spatulas or something. But this only works about 50% of the time.

Best wishes that the witching hour turns into the witching half-hour.

septembermom said...

I have a similar witching hour. It's usual around 20 minutes before my husband is looking for dinner. I have to deal with fights between the boys. Usually it starts out innocent, but that boy macho and competitiveness kicks in and I have to intervene. I hate look like a screaming mama just before dinner.