Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Visiting Santa 2010


Brian has been working some later hours lately which means that

a) Un-showered ponytails and granny panties are a go


b) I have to find something to do during the day.


Lucky for me (and unlucky for Brian) we live close to many many malls.

On Friday, we were trying out a new mall, when Lo and Behold, the big man himself was there!  We jumped into line.


Some things that happened next:

- Joseph got out of line and stood directly in the path of (lots of!) holiday shoppers trying to walk past.  I noticed some people doing double takes, so I leaned out of line to see what he was doing.  He was squinting up his eyes while barring his teeth like a dog.  Of course.

- Even though there were only 4 people ahead of us in line, we didn’t seem to be moving.

- I had to pee.

- Joseph started laying (lying?) on the mall floor.

- An old lady standing nearby started giving Joseph the stink eye.

- The girl behind us started wailing and flopping around like a fish-so I eagerly looked back at the old lady to see if she had noticed, only to see that she was STILL glaring at my sweet babe.

-Okay, okay, so maybe I forgot to mention that Joseph was LICKING the mall floor at this point.

-Isaac started crying.

- Joseph came over and said that he was going to ask Santa for an Olivia Dress-up Doll.


-I gently reminded him that he actually wanted a Batcave (which has been sitting in my closet for months).  And, thankfully, he agreed.

- He bit Isaac on the ear.

ANNNNND.. then it was our turn!


So, here you go folks, my boys on Christmas 2010:


Clearly, Isaac + Santa = BFF.

Also, what’s cuter than Isaac?  Isaac in a REINDEER SWEATSHIRT of course!

(Yes, I do wish Joseph was wearing something other than his ratty post-gym-class clothes, but at least he wasn’t licking the floor anymore.)

When I asked Joseph later why he had his face like that, he said, “I just wanted to give Santa a little smile with my lip.” 

And that he did.



T Rex Mom said...

Isaac looks way too cute in the photo. And Joseph is quite the character. I love it.

I'll have to post a video interview I did of T Rex after he had his Santa visit - he was a total goof ball and kept saying he wanted 'tashios for Christmas followed by giggling. Toddler/ gotta love them.

Brenna said...

That Olivia barbie is better than a Justin Beiber singing barbie doll. You know who he is ,right? The super annoying new teen pop star. Needs a haircut. sounds like a girl. Where has my little brother gone?

posted by brenna.

Jenners said...

Doesn't it drive you nuts when they change their Christmas gifts at the last minute and you have to remind them that they want the THING YOU ALREADY HAVE AND WRAPPED DAMMIT!

Loving Isaac's smile ... he looks deliriously happy. And Joseph ... well, he is 3!

septembermom said...

Your boys look like professional models in that picture! Very good job getting the Santa picture done.

Momma said...

OK, Aunt Catherine is here tonight and she totally agrees with me that Isaac looks a LOT like his Grandpa Mark!! (Especially Mark in the Christmas photo the family sent.) Isaac just needs a cap and he would be a "ringer!" FINALLY!! Someone agrees with me!