Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas at our House Day 8



Gingerbread Houses!


One of my favorite childhood Christmas-time memories.

This year, I decided to get a gingerbread house KIT instead of the ol’ graham cracker on milk carton approach.

I realized upon opening the kit, however that these were

a) really hard to assemble


b) took hours (and HOURS!) to dry.


After struggling to make it work for a few minutes and biting my lip to keep from yelling at Joseph to “STOP TOUCHING THE GINGERBREAD HOUSE FOR TWO SECONDS TO I CAN TRY TO MAKE IT STAND UP!” I decided that having fun and touching the gingerbread houses is what it should all be about- and I called it quits.

So we decorated the flat house-shaped parts, and ate the rectangle parts while we worked.


And all was merry and bright.



Note to Caitlin at Christmastime 2011:

Go for the ol’ graham cracker on milk carton approach.


T Rex Mom said...

I should post a photo of T Rex's gingerbread shack. It's a pathetic little graham cracker house but he totally did it himself. Not one helped and that is priceless.

I love that Joseph was also getting some snacking in too. Sometimes this things are labors of love, huh?

Maureen said...

Way to go on moving laterally, Caitlin! As I look back, I'm sure that would have been the better choice vs. staying the course on some project so the end result looked like "the picture!"

Jenners said...

You did the right thing ... those suckers are hard ... even for two grown adults without kids (as Mr. Jenners and I found out. We used three tubs of icing and a bag of pretzel rods to make the thing stand up.)