Thursday, December 16, 2010

Snow Day


I thought I would take a break from cleaning vomit out of my tub for the second time this week…

(Don’t ask)

(Readers:  We won’t we promise!)

(But, really now, Isaac keeps drinking bath water until he vomits, and I don’t always notice right away, so I keep washing him… and then afterwards the chunks won’t go down the drain…)

(Readers: AHHHHH! No No No!)

…to focus and a really wonderful part of motherhood this week- the first snow day of the season!


Snow days were one of the reasons I wanted to become a mother.

When you are an adult, snow is usually just an inconvenience, but once you have kids, VOILA!  Insta-magic and a day of free entertainment!


Joseph was fairly buzzing with excitement- and luckily Brian was working from home that day, so I was able to set up a monitor during Isaac’s nap and head out with my big boy.


The fact that he is actually facing the camera AND smiling speaks volumes.

He was in awe.




And then, out of nowhere, he flopped down and started doing a snow angel. 



Completely unprompted, I tell you!

Joseph!  How do you know how to make a snow angel?!” I shrieked.

From Kipper the Dog!!” He shouted back. 

You see?  This tv is really teaching him life skills.


At one point, I may have thrown a snowball at him and hit him in the ear, making him cry (not pictured), but he quickly recovered and the snowball fight was on!


(I totally won)


It was too powdery to make a snowman, but we tried our best.


(Can you see the small snow-mound next to his feet?  Me neither, but it was there, and that was our snowman.  Also, he wanted to pose like this)


He added some arms and a chunk of dirty slush for the nose and then took a picture of it himself.


And then he took a picture of the inside of the storm drain for good measure.


(Kids are so awesome.)

After that, he came after me with a stick,


and started beating me about the legs, so it was time to put down the camera! 

And I’m glad that I did.

When our hands started aching (“My hands are hurting in my VEINS, mama!”)  we came in, I fixed Joseph some hot chocolate with marshmallows, only to find out that marshmallows in his hot chocolate make him gag and wail.

So, good to know.

Overall, a Great day.



Goodnight all, I am heading back to the Bathtub o’ Doom. 

Since when did I become a grown up that has to do this kind of thing?

Where is my mother?



T Rex Mom said...

I love his little snowman. If you were still in Idaho you'd have already built a real snowman but I think in time, that will come.

Isn't easy, cheap fun awesome! A definitely plus when it burns off some of that little boy energy!

Jenners said...

Have I told you lately how much I love reading your posts and how much you crack me up and how you turn .0005 inches of snow into a snow day!

septembermom said...

Joseph is getting so big! My boys would just love playing outside in the snow with him.

suzy said...

yay!!!! so cute! love snow!!! we are watching kippur as we speak, ha!