Monday, December 6, 2010

Let’s Chat


Catching you up on this and that,

scattered with random Christmas tree farm pictures from yesterday.

You in?


- So, I’m going to be honest with you now.

This transition/move has been a LOT harder than I expected it to be.  I don’t really like to talk about it much, because I don’t want any “I told you so” feelings (still think it was the best decision, overall) and…well.. I’m prideful.

But seriously, ouch.  It has been a bummer.

I forgot that I don’t actually like change.  At all.  (whoops!)

Poor Brian has had to put up with a lot of sad, mopey, crazy Caitlin. 

Including outburst like, “I’m so lonely!  I just need to go shopping by myself for a while!” Which, hello, doesn’t make much sense.

We had a talk last night which concluded that I should figure out what would make me happy and do it. (Eat it?)

So, I have some thinking to do about that.


- I am meeting some new people tomorrow.  I joined an online Moms of Northern New Jersey group, and we are having a get together at some lady’s house.

It totally feels like a first date.

What do I wear?

Does this mean I have to blow dry my hair?

How many fat jokes can I use?

Things I haven’t worried about in a while.


(note: Brian is not really chopping down that tree.  It is already cut and tied to a pole.  He is faking it for the kids…)

(Aren’t we all?  Some of the time?)




- It is snowing a little outside today.  Not sticking, just periodic showers of the big fluffy flakes.

This is how most of our day’s conversation has gone:

ME: Joseph, look at the snow!”

JOSEPH: “Where is the snow?”

ME:  “Right there!  Look outside!”

JOSEPH:  “Look at all the white fuzzies!”

ME: “Yes, that’s the snow!”

JOSEPH: “Where is the snow”

and repeat.


- Isaac let go of the coffee table and took a step to the couch today.




I thought about kicking him down…but that seemed like a bad example.


- Overheard yesterday: 

“And then, Joker says, ‘Where is baby Jesus?!  I can’t find him!’ and then her finds her next to my room…”

Joseph is a little confused about some things.


- Our landlords came over unexpectedly yesterday.

The apartment was SUPER clean, and Joseph was very nicely playing with his toy nativity scene.

And when they left he said “Have a Merry Christmas Time!”




- This morning, Brian woke me up and said, “Hey sweetie, I have no clean black work socks!”

To which I replied, “Maybe if you are a good boy, Santa will bring you some more work socks for Christmas so that you don’t always run out!”

To which HE replied, “I just wish Santa would do some laundry once in a while!”


Now, you may say, touché Brian, and pat him on the back.

But, I got to roll over and go back to sleep.

While he had to continue getting ready for work (with no black work socks).

So, who is the real winner here?

Boojah again.



blueviolet said...

You totally won the sock fight.

That snow convo cracks me up!

T Rex Mom said...

Awesome photos and that looks like a gorgeous Christmas tree. I cannot wait to see what it looks like decorated. Do you have to get all new decorations?

Joseph must remember the show here. That's nothing compared to Idaho snow.

Those are some amazingly cool shoes Joseph is wearing!

Jenners said...

Yes ... we are all faking it a little (OK ... a LOT!).

It isn't easy picking up and moving cross country and then being alone with two little kids all day. It is really frigging hard and I think you're doing amazing. It will get better eventually, and I hope you meet some moms as amazing as you. I wish we lived closer together. I think we could be great friends.

septembermom said...

Coming here always makes me smile. Looks like you're all having fun getting ready for Christmas. The boys are getting big out there in Jersey!!

suzy said...

i just read 4 of your posts in a row... ah! laughing and laughing... thank you! love catching up on these, and i want the first signed copy of your book, once you become a famous author. can't wait to hear how the online dating (okay, friends making) group went today!