Monday, December 6, 2010

Carrie’s Visit


 carrie visit 8

As predicted I am B.U.M.M.E.D. to have no more company!

carrie visit 5 

Man, polygamy is where it’s AT people!  I would gladly share Brian if it meant getting as much help as I got when Carrie was here!

(Just kidding Brian.)


carrie visit 4

It was one of those visits that you look forward to (“It’s going to be so fun!”), enjoy at the time (“This is so fun!”) and like to look back on (“That was so much fun!”)

carrie visit 6 (who loves 3 year olds?)

carrie's visit 1(A legit spyscope!)


Plus, I only make you get up at 7am, which is 4 am Oregon time (or 5 am Idaho time!) and TOTALLY doable!

carrie visit 3

(Thanks mom and dad, for the new weapon!  Isaac says no thanks, though, actually)


Thank you, Carrie, for making the trek out here- and thank you Brian (HER husband, not my husband.  Same name, which is kind of odd. Also , he is TALLER than my gigantic husband. But, I digress.) for giving her such an AWESOME birthday present!

carrie visit 7

carrie visit 9

(I heart Guido’s Pizza)

carrie visit 10

(Hitting up Carlos’ a la Cake Boss on TLC)

carrie visit 11



blueviolet said...

That was both heartwarming and hilarious. I wanna visit you!

T Rex Mom said...

What a great birthday gift for your sister and you!

It looks like just the best visit.

Joseph looks very happy with his new gifts. T Rex really misses him.

And I love seeing the photos with your apartment in them - looks like a really charming eastern home. Lots of character.

(Oh, I forgot to mention previously, good job on the landlord visit!)

britney said...

I am so jealous that you guys went to Carlo's. Was the food good there?

Jenners said...

Actually, polygamy wouldn't be all that bad at all. you'd have a built-in friend, someone to split the childcare and household duties with. The more the merrier!