Saturday, October 17, 2009




Last week, I just happened to mention to Brian that I would love to have a utility sink in our garage or laundry room.

Well, my inlaws were coming into town anyway, and what do you know? my father-in-law was up for a project.

So, a few days later, I have a UTILITY SINK IN MY GARAGE!!


Whoot! Whoot!

(It’s funny the things that excite me now-a-days?)


Isn’t that incredible?  They put a SINK in my GARAGE!  Where there didn’t used to be one- or any pipes or wiring or anything!

And all this from the man who (apparently) doesn’t know how to change a roll of toilet paper…


Thanks, menfolk, for all your hard work!  That sink is a thing of beauty to me! 


T Rex Mom said...

Very nice!

Ter said...

I want one too. (funny thing though, where there ARE pipes for a utility sink in my basement, there's no ROOM for one, it's tucked behind the water heater for some reason??!! and the washing machine is right next to it.

I also want a garage.

Jenners said...

I hear you!! I would get excited over this too. We are sooooo old now, aren't we? : )

Nina said...

One of those would be so great for soaking clothes. Enjoy your new sink!