Saturday, October 17, 2009



Yesterday, Joseph and I were eating lunch, and I looked up to find him smiling right at me.

He reached over and grabbed my hand with his sticky, sweaty one and gave it a big kiss, complete with an enthusiastic “Mmmmuuuah!”

What an action of pure, sweet love and affection!


I am so lucky to have these moments in my life.



T Rex Mom said...

I LOVE unsolicited kisses. They are the best. And the more enthusiastic, the better!

septembermom said...

Those moments do melt your heart!

Ter said...

that sounds like the bestest thing.

Maureen said...

YOU are such a deserving Momma the way you love that dear little boy! And you are also blessed that he is SO easy too love!!!

Jenners said...

Aren't those moments the absolute best???? Makes every stinky diaper, miserable day, tantrum, night of no sleep worth it!

Nina said...

Aww... I got one of the biggest and most wonderful hugs last night when we arrived home from our trip. It felt so good.