Wednesday, October 14, 2009

And he shall be called…



We have decided to name our second-born son Isaac!

I have ALWAYS loved that name (one of my favorite dolls was named Isaac), but I was a little hesitant at first because

a) I was afraid that it would be too popular


b)  I wasn’t sure how much I loved the spelling.  Really, besides aardvark, (which is such a common word) how often do you see two “a”s in a row?


But, in the end, it was just our favorite.  And we love it.  So we’re going for it.  Even if it does get popular, it is from the Bible, so it isn’t “trendy”- you know?

And, did I mention that it means “Laughter?”  How sweet is that!

(Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a name that means “Sleeps-through-the-night-from-birth”)


As for the rejected names from the “Name Poll”-

CHARLIE:  In the end, we just couldn’t do it because…well…it’s the name of our cat.  Did we forget to mention that little fact?  Charlie IS the stupidest of the cats, so he would definitely be on board to answering to “Chuckie” or “Hey you, dummy!”, but still.

BENJAMIN:  We still love it and, if we continue having boys, we will probably end up with one next time.  Benjamin was Joseph’s little brother in the Bible, so that’s an added bonus.

Benjamin is a pretty long name, however, so he would probably end up getting called Ben most of the time. 

Which would be fine-

But, we want Joseph to go by Joseph- not Joe or Joey or Joe-Joe.  In fact, we will not ALLOW him to choose to go by any other name until he gets old enough to make a mature decision for himself. 

So, we didn’t really think it would be fair to let Ben be Ben, when Joseph can’t be Joe or Joey.  You know Ben and Joseph doesn’t flow quite as well.


So, there’s our thought process for anyone who was wondering.  Or just for my own memories.

It was a long, hard, hormonally charged (on my part) battle to decide on a name and I am so glad to have it all behind us.

As long as Isaac really does come out a boy.



Ter said...

Well, I personally like the name Isaac! I think it goes well with Joseph too. Not like you can shortan Isaac unless it's "I" or "sac" maybe "ac" ? lol anyway it's a wonderful name. :) Will he have a middle name? Isaac Benjamin sounds good as a full name.

Momma said...

There is Aaron too, for the double "a" look. Isaac is a great choice, because we know your cat!

Jen said...

that is a great name. I love it.

T Rex Mom said...

Love the name choice - classic! I, personally think it would be cool to have "aa" in my name!

And you totally blew it out of the park with Joseph! We're kind of partial around here!

Nina said...

Wow, you do a good job picking names. We decided right before birth on both. We make it way to hard. I like the name Isaac. I dated and Isaac in school. Have you looked on some of the baby sites as to where the name Issac ranked in the past year.

septembermom said...

I like Isaac a lot! Awesome choice :)

~~Mel~~ said...

Yay I liked that one best!

Jenners said...

Well, you could just call him "Aarvdvark." That won't be too popular!

Nice choice! Isn't that the name of one of the Hanson brothers?

britney said...

At least you weren't still trying to figure out his name even after he was born like we were.

Mommy of M's said...

Isaac was on my name list too! i love it. I also liked Thomas and Daniel, but not Tom or Dan. So we went with names that couldn't really be shortened too. Well M2's name can be shortened, but we like the short version too.

suzy said...

LOVe it!!!