Wednesday, October 9, 2013

To my Darling Samuel, a teensie bit after your First Birthday!


But no need to calculated HOW far after, right?  There are no prizes for timeliness on your own blog!

Can you believe that my baby is ONE??!!


(samuel on his actual birthday)


We didn’t have a “party” for him per se (he is only 1 and wont remember.  Plus third child.  Plus I’m tired.) but the weekend before we had dinner, pie, and presents at my wonderful inlaws’ house.






On his actual birthday, Isaac helped me make cupcakes, Joseph helped me decorate them,


and my sweet parents came over to celebrate with more dinner, cake, and more presents.



This baby is SO well loved folks!  It has been wonderful having him around family for his first year, and both Brian and I agree that with all of the people whom he loves/who love him close by and with his older brothers- Samuel has it pretty darn good!







A letter to my baby:




Dear Samuel,


Oh, how I love you!DSC_0153

You are such a sweet, inquisitive, affectionate, unobtrusive addition to our family!


Your Dada and I talk all the time about what a sweetie you are, how stinkin’ cute you are, how fun you are, and how we are so lucky to have you.


(you were laughing because I put my hood on.  Mama is HILARIOUS!)


You have just finally gotten over your first real sickness, which means that you are back to almost sleeping through the night

(hence this blog post finally)


and- guess what?!  After TWELVE MONTHS, I can finally proclaim that you are an excellent napper!


You love your Mama the best, with your Dada a close second (and getting closer to edging me out all the time)


and you find your brothers endlessly entertaining!

Your two favorite things are water and playing outside. (I caught you last week EATING SPIDER WEBS!)


You still don’t eat very much food- you would prefer to exist on only carbs and (sorry future teenage Samuel!) BREASTMILK.

You sign for “milk” now, and occasionally “all done” and “more.”

You can say “outside”, “bubble,” “mama”, “dada”, and make the noise for pig and dog.  Although, you REFUSE to do any of the above on command.


You are cautious around strangers and new things/ noises.  Not fearful and crying like Joseph was, not outgoing and friendly like Isaac- you are right in the middle.

You weigh almost 28 lbs (98%) and 33 inches (off the charts)


You love your blankie, and have a budding attachment to a stuffed elephant.

You LOVE books, and will sit for as many as I will (can) read to you.

You are slow to cry, but also slow to be comforted.

You don’t like people to hold your hands.


You have the softest, sweetest smelling hair.

You are my sweet, squishy baby and

I thank God for you every. single. day!

I love you Samuel Brian!



Your Mama



Maureen said...

LOVE your one year love letters to your babies. You two make such cute and uniquely their own boys! LOVE THEM ALL!!! And their parents!

grandma said...

You made me tear up, that was so sweet! And true....and I would like to add that I am one of his favorites as well, right, Samuel??

T Rex Mom said...

So glad he is napping for your guys! Great news! And I still say he looks just like your mom. He is very much loved and that is definitely cool.

suzy said...

so sweet! love the last pic!!!

ter@waaoms said...

wow he's 1 already?? wow!

happy birthday Samuel!