Thursday, October 10, 2013

Locked out



Yesterday, I locked my keys in the car for the first time ever.

image (2)

And I will have you know that I have sat here for the better part of a hard candy thinking back, back, back before I made that statement- and I stand by it!  It has never happened before!


I am thankful that:


a) it was not raining

b) Brian was only 15 minutes away (and answering his phone)


c) No one touched the pair of underwear that was mysteriously laying abandoned in the parking space next to us.


But, if you look at the picture above, you will see that Samuel found the parking-lot-barkdust to be particularly tasty.



This lockout did prove to be bad timing, however, as it happened directly after I received my flu shot from the pharmacy inside.  Waaah!  Poor wittle Caitlin and her poor wittle throbbing arm!

And I had asked the pharmacist how long I would have to wait for a flu shot, and she said about 20 minutes.

So I said, tee hee, do you think it could be any sooner?  Or should I go somewhere else, maybe? You see I have these three (jumping, shouting, doughnut-demanding) boys…

She said, “Oh, okay, I would say it will be more like 10 minutes”

and then went ahead and made me wait about 20.

Well played, pharmacist, well played.


grandma said...

So, does all that stuff Samuel eats come out later on...say, in his diaper? Just askin'
Also, sorry about your widdle arm and the shot.

T Rex Mom said...

The flu shot this year is not fun - it left an area of redness on us for several days and ached for a few days, too. The adults both had body aches as our immune system started to make antibodies. Still, it is better than the actual flu. Last year I had several folks admitted to the hospital for severe influenza symptoms.

Always an adventure!

suzy said...

I spy fred meyer lot! so sorry! so glad you got helped by hubs quick!

ter@waaoms said...

oops. I did that once, with the car still running...

ter@waaoms said...

oops. I did that once, with the car still running...