Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Morning by morning new mercies I see…



The past couple of weeks have been a teensie bit rough around here.  Not like real-world rough, mind you (and I’m thankful!), but just its-spelled-caitlin type rough.

image (5)

(they made me wear this in the doctor’s office, but Joseph said I looked like a BLUE NINJA, so I didn’t mind much)


If you ever stop hearing from me for a few weeks, you can bet that things are rocky over here in three-boys-age-5-and-under-ville.  Or that I have rediscovered my love of sleep (glorious sleep!  Why am I still awake right now?!), or that Brian and I have discovered a new tv show on Netflix, or…well, just don’t bet on anything it turns out.  I’m a mystery!

But, back to the roughness.


I have been sick again- twice- since we last spoke, and completed another round of antibiotics for yet another sinus infection.  Oh, actually I’ve been sick THRICE if you count a 12 hour tummy bug I had.  And that Isaac had in a big big way.


Also, Brian was out of town for SIX freaking days to NYC, and…well…I can’t remember what else really. 

Some stuff that felt rough at the time?  Oh, and I slammed my head in the car door this morning (it still hurts!), Samuel broke a big glass bottle of curry sauce in the middle of an aisle/the cart/Joseph’s outfit (it had a good 12-foot-arc), and the wheel fell off of my very favorite stroller tonight while I was on a walk far from my house, so I had to push the stroller back all the way like this:

image (4)

Ahem.  Told you they were caitlin-type problems!



But, my point is this;

even when things feel rocky around here (rockier than they actually are in reality, it turns out), it only serves to highlight the moments of wonderful that happen alongside.

Isaac coming over to kiss Samuel’s feet while I am nursing him, and making him laugh and laugh.

Samuel’s bunny imitation. (video soon)

Joseph dancing without inhibition along with the characters of White Christmas

(if you tell him I told you this I will end you)

(also if you tell him it isn’t called a Graham “Crapper”)


Isaac telling me that he loves me more than his favorite candy.

and holding my hand, briefly, on the bus during his first field trip.

image (3)

It is these moments (and more that have faded already) that remind me how truly, truly, truly blessed I am.


How my strong body can recover from illness and squeeze 3 healthy little boys and one big hunk of a man, back home to his woman after working so hard for us. 



And if that counts as rough?  I…don’t want to… be smooth??

I think you understand what I mean.


T Rex Mom said...

I hope the antibiotics are working. If you continue with the sinus infections, have them get a CT scan to ensure there is nothing impacted in there that is causing reinfection. We see that a lot in our clinic. Here is wishing you well that the antibiotics work, don't cause too many adverse side effects, and you're back to feeling well soon.

Oh, and so glad you can find the happy moments among those crazy ones. The boys all look and sounds wonderfully charming. Isaac sounds like school is just want he needed and wanted.

Maureen said...

BLESSED you are, Caitydid...as are the four "MEN" in your life!
LOVE Isaacs' self portrait pumpkin! And I'm sure it felt EXTRA special to have that little 3 yr. old hold your hand on the field trip!
The stroller wheel situation is SO Caitlin...who throws a wheel to THAT extent!!!
And then Joseph with that hilarious groucho marx mask that he clearly loves because YOU love it! So cute!
I hope you stay healthy for awhile...even if you do look good in that blue ninja mask :)