Wednesday, October 2, 2013

On the First of October


I have been gone so long that I hardly know how to begin.

Our family has been leveled with a super-virus for going on 4 weeks now, and Samuel seems to think that he is actually a newborn who needs to get up all night to nurse.

So, seeing as how there is no time like the present and all that, I thought I would start blogging about yesterday.


It was rather a big day around here because our little Isaac started preschool!


I have been wrestling with some mom guilt about this one, so go easy on me!  Yes, he is only three, and yes, I didn’t do any preschool with Joseph, and YES, one of the motivators for this decision was because preschool would coincide with AM Kindergarten, and Samuel’s morning nap…leaving me with 90 minutes of free time! (A thousand times YES!)


But, mostly, he needed to go.  He WANTED to go.  He just couldn’t take all of the fun Joseph was having at his school (more on that later) while he was stuck home with Momma and sleeping Samuel.


(Don’t you have a giant pumpkin on your front door?  You totally should.)

He didn’t shed a single tear at drop off, and he has been beaming with pride ever since!  In fact, this morning, he was quite cranky at the prospect of a day at home with me! (preschool is only tuesday/thursday)


Please welcome to the blog early-toddler Samuel who is now taking steps and climbing on everything.

DSC_0060(Isaac finds his shenanigans hilarious.)

Is there some sort of preschool for babies I could sign him up for next?


Kidding! I’m kidding!  Samuel will have to wait another two years just like Isaac did.



We also continued our October 1 tradition on popcorn/candycorn combos and The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown.



Both the boys have told me how much fun this was,




and can I get a round of applause for holding off on eating all the candy corn until last night?



Finally, just for funsies, here is the group of boys on October 1st last year:




Brian Bews said...

WE LOVE YOU< CAITLIN!!! Thanks for blogging again. It has been a long dry spell, but we totally forgive you :)

T Rex Mom said...

I think we're going to send Lil Sister to preschool in the new year when my maternity leave is complete. She really wants to be in kindergarten and as much as T's teacher tries to incorporate her into as many activities as she can, it's not enough. Just part time - a couple days a week. I struggle just like you were saying but when they want to go, what can one do? Even T's teacher said she needs to go - she is just ready. Hard to see them grow up so fast. I think the second grows up faster than the first.

suzy said...