Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Guess who is walking??


This is not an ordinary baby-learning-to-walk video.

Ooooooh, no!  Not only does it feature an adorable baby with wobbly steps,we ALL make an appearance (well, except for Brian.  I think he was working or something- boo!), you get to see Isaac doing scary-Isaac stuff and talking about smashing my sweet baby, and my I-can’t-believe-this-is-happening wide eyed look that I have had on my face since…oh…2010.


In case you are feeling nostalgic, HERE is the link to the post with Isaac’s first steps.  And yes, he IS wearing the same diaper as Samuel!

Didn’t plan it, I’m juuuust that gooood. 


Caitlin said...

watch out world!!!!!

Maureen said...

THAT LOOK MADE ME LAUGH SO MUCH! I am so amazed at how calm and sweet your voice sounds when you are feeling something entirely different!
YEAH FOR SAMUEL...LOVE that he claps for himself and bounces and is SO coordinated and SO cute :)

suzy said...

what did he say? "I saw his BONES?" haha! yay Samuel! eden is watching and is entranced with how COOL Isaac is, jumping off the couch