Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The things you really want to know


- The line for Customs is HORRENDOUSLY long, at least at Heathrow on a Friday.  Who knew?


-If your child hits his mouth and is crying/bleeding, you get rushed to the front of the line for Customs.  Yay! (also awww…)


- The plug converter that I got was actually from US to Hong Kong (HK), not US to UK.


- The voltages here are different, a fact that I forgot when I plugged in our (my moms!) noise maker and fried it.  Sorry ma!


- Exit signs here say


and a lot of entrance signs say “Way in.”  Adorable.


- Everyone in London loves Isaac, just like everyone in NYC does!!Everyone is always pointing him out and laughing/smiling at him and his blue eyes.  Also, I have seen two kids dressed up like Batman, and one dressed up like Robin.  Some things are international.


- Trash cans say rubbish or litter.  I am also finding that there are a LOT less of them out and about than there are in NYC.



- The coffee here so far has been horrible.  I’m sorry, Londoners, but horrible.

If you ask for coffee, you will get an Americano (espresso shot plus water).  You can also ask for a white coffee which means an Americano made with milk. 

The few times I have asked for brewed coffee I have gotten some weird looks and most places just straight don’t have it.

The exception being Starbucks, who had to brew a new pot for me because they didn’t have any made. (At 4 pm)


- The tea is FABULOUS!  After day one I have given up on the coffee and just plan on drinking tea for the remainder of my stay.



- I quite like Porridge.  It seems to be a mix between Cream of Wheat and oatmeal, and it is served with either honey or maple syrup.  Delish, but not necessarily for the texture-ly sensitive!



- So far I have been unable to find laundry services In the area and have resorted to washing the boys clothes in the bathtub.  The kids will start to look more and more grubby in the pictures…


- I am going to go ahead and say that the underground (tube) is about a million times better than the subway system in NYC.  It is so clean!  And bright!  And air conditioned!   Bravo, London! 


It is a lot less like going into the bowels of Hell and a lot more like…well… public transportation.

Still having some trouble finding stations without stairs for the ol’ stroller and kids, but to be expected after my NYC experiences.


-This couple in front of me for the Duck Boat tour was so gross.  He seriously leaned AT LEAST this close any time she would talk or move and they made out several times.



-I have found myself accidentally faking a slight English accent many times.  So awkward but can’t…stop…


-We are on our last binkie.  I seriously can’t find any more that I packed!  AHHHH!


- The food served on the plane included a tiny little package of Tillamook Cheese!  From New York to London!  Holla Oregon!


These little signs at crosswalks are so handy, and really make so much sense!  Especially in a big city with lots of one-ways!  New York City? Install them now!



I’m sure that I will have more.


ter@waaoms said...

looks like you'll ween the binkie!! (Sorry, kid, they don't sell them in London....wink, wink, nudge, nudge)

Lots of interesting tidbits you have there. I would like to go there someday, but doubt I ever would because even if I could afford to, the idea of flying over an ocean is kinda scary.

blueviolet said...

Tea and porridge sounds delightful! That close leaner and maker-outer does not sound delightful.

Who couldn't be enamored with Isaac? He's adorable!

Heidi said...

Yay! So many memories from my honeymoon are flooding back! The coffee WAS HORRIBLE! I resorted to gulping down the instant stuff - since that's all I could find at the grocery store.

Have so much fun! It looks amazing.

Rachel said...

Looks like tons of fun. I can't wait until I visit London someday!!!

Jenners said...

Those British sure know how to do signs. I remember those from when I visited and it brought back fond memories. I dread the loss of the final binkie! Aiiiieeeee!

grandma said...

That couple ahead of you on the boat may have been "Gross" but he looks like Tom Cruise!!?
Too bad about the binky, but I agree with "Ter" ----maybe this will be your chance to wean him away from it. Of course, I am here reading about your busy days and you are actually LIVING them, so I can almost understand your panic.

T Rex Mom said...

Just have lots and lots of fun enjoying these new experiences. No surprise that everyone loves Isaac. It does have to make you feel good, though. I will have to remember the bleeding kid trick.